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Fat Albert Sues Bill Cosby!

North Philadelphia resident “Fat” Albert Jackson has launched a defamation of character lawsuit against popular comedian Bill Cosby. The plaintiff is asking for 75 million dollars in damages done to his reputation and career by Mr. Cosby as well as a share of the profits from the Saturday morning children’s show “Fat Albert and the […]

Hurricane Update

“And Sandy, the aurora is rising behind us This pier lights our carnival life forever Oh, love me tonight, for I may never see you again Hey, Sandy girl My, my, baby” ~ Bruce Springsteen, 4th of July Asbury Park Bruce Springsteen wrote that in the ’70s, when he used to be good and long […]

From the Manhattan Infidel Archives: Julius Caesar Assassinated by Conservatives!

  Dateline:  Ides of  March In a tragic event that the citizens of Rome have sadly become all too familiar with, a group of cowardly, hate-filled conservatives have assassinated the Great Leader, Julius Caesar. The Great Leader, who had single handedly restored order to a chaotic and dysfunctional Roman “Republic” died of multiple stab wounds. […]

My Exclusive Interview with Ernst Stavro Blofeld

  Today at Manhattan Infidel I am pleased to interview international supervillain Ernst Stavro Blofeld.  Mr. Blofeld was kind enough to sit down with me for our interview and he had only one condition:  that the location of the interview remain confidential.  A condition I strove to honor. MI: Mr. Blofeld good afternoon. May I […]

My First Time by Lena Dunham

By now my readers are probably aware of the new Barack Obama ad starring Lena Dunham in which she talks about her “first time” voting for Barack Obama and compares it to a first time sexual experience. Naturally I was confused by the ad and what it was trying to accomplish. Voting for Barack Obama […]


Apple Enters Partnership With The Borg

  The Borg Collective and Apple Computers have announced an exclusive and far-reaching partnership that will transform and update the Borg Model and make it competitive in the interstellar marketplace.  In a statement released today Apple CEO Tim Cook said: Apple is excited about this new partnership and recognize the galaxy-wide brand name of the […]

Manhattan Infidel’s Guide to Correct Decision Making

If it’s one thing I pride myself on it is that Manhattan Infidel has almost as much traffic as the blog “Pictures of Gonorrhea.” If it’s another thing I pride myself on it is my uncanny knack for making the correct decision in every matter.  This skill has enabled me to  live a live of […]

Barack Obama’s Debate Notepad Part Deux

As I did with last week’s debate I was able to sneak into the  auditorium and steal President Obama’s notes.  And once again I was shocked at the lack of security.  There was a drone flying overhead but it just watched me. And so without further adieu (hey that rhymes with deux!) I now present […]


Pete Best Watching Sweeps the Globe

  On a chilly Saturday morning a group of fifteen adults met in the woods.  No, they weren’t bird watching.  Instead they were preparing to take part in the newest fad that is sweeping the globe:  Pete Best watching. “I’ve been bird watching for years” said one participant. But after awhile it became “been there […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents Your Middle Eastern Man Arrested for Bomb Plot but We’re Still Confused as to his Motive Template™

  When the news broke that there was a foiled bombing attempt of the Federal Reserve building in New York City the journalist juggernaut that is Manhattan Infidel sprang into action. From my crisis station at Fitzgerald’s Pub  I ordered six more pints. And some chicken wings.  Then I put Journey on the jukebox because, […]