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My Exclusive Interview with Jake Tapper

            Being a respected, credentialed member of the MSM (see my Bert and Ernie piece that scooped CBS by two days) I often meet my fellow brave truth-telling reporters at whorehouses social events and ask them if they would like to be interviewed by me. The answer is always a resounding […]


Jackass Who Made Hundreds of Millions Selling a Product Warns of the Dangers of Capitalism!

              Bono, born Paul David Hewson, net worth approximately 700 million, has made it his mission in life to warn others of the “wild beast that is capitalism.” “Capitalism is a wild beast. It’s dangerous cuz it’s honest” said the Irish performer during a press conference to announce his […]

National Organization for Women Seeks to Increase Number of Female Active Shooters!

                Reacting to a slate of recent active shooter events, the National Organization of Woman (“NOW”) will try to increase female representation in the growing active shooter movement. “Every time there is a mass shooting it seems the perpetrator is male” said NOW President Terry O’Neill. Always men. […]

Blofeld’s Hollowed-Out Volcano Hit With Code Violations!

            Famous super villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld once again had his hopes of world domination thwarted when the underground missile launching site he built inside a volcano was visited by local inspectors and hit with code violations. “It is so difficult being a maniacal villain nowadays” said the disappointed Blofeld. Back […]

Kavanaugh Confirmation Chaos: Kavanaugh’s Mother Says “He Sucked My Breast As a Child!”

              With the hearings on Brett Kavanaugh already controversial because of allegations he groped a woman when he was 17 years old, comes late-breaking word that Kavanaugh’s mother has confirmed that the potential Supreme Court justice did “on many occasions” commit an act of blatant harassment by placing his […]


Bert and Ernie: We Visited Ex-Cardinal McCarrick’s Beach House!

            Bert and Ernie, popular characters on Sesame Street, have announced that they often visited disgraced ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s infamous beach house in New Jersey.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with the dynamic duo to talk about their experience. MI: Good afternoon. B: Good afternoon. E: How are you doing? MI: So […]

Manhattan Infidel’s Guide to the History of the White Power Symbol

              In the past two weeks not only have Brett Kavanaugh’s aide Nina Bash given the white power hand symbol but a man working for the Coast Guard gave it on live television. That has prompted many of my readers my reader to ask “Golly Manhattan Infidel. This use […]

My Exclusive Interview with Google’s Vice President for Global Affairs and Chief Legal Officer, Kent Walker

            Today at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ I have the pleasure of interviewing a big wig from the world’s most popular search engine, Kent Walker from Google. MI: Good afternoon Mr. Walker. KW: Good afternoon you disgusting pervert. MI: What? KW: We at Google have your entire internet history, remember. What is […]

Evil Donald Trump, Who is Literally Hitler, Creates Hurricane Florence in Hopes of Killing Babies of Color!

            Editor’s Note: The following is an addendum to Bob Woodward’s new book, “Fear:  Trump in the White House” rushed for print to coincide with Hurricane Florence. History’s greatest monster, the diabolical Donald Trump, sat in the situation room in the White House observing Hurricane Florence’s track up the Carolina coast. […]


From the Manhattan Infidel Future Archives, 2023: Americans Eagerly Await More Food Shortages!

              With the Democratic Socialist Party of America having a majority in both houses of Congress, Americans are bracing for record-breaking food shortages during the winter. “People have to ask themselves how important it is to eat every day” said Nancy Pelosi (Democratic Socialist-CA), the Speaker of the House. […]