Evil Donald Trump, Who is Literally Hitler, Creates Hurricane Florence in Hopes of Killing Babies of Color!

Death and destruction: All this is Donald Trump’s fault!







Editor’s Note:

The following is an addendum to Bob Woodward’s new book, “Fear:  Trump in the White House” rushed for print to coincide with Hurricane Florence.

History’s greatest monster, the diabolical Donald Trump, sat in the situation room in the White House observing Hurricane Florence’s track up the Carolina coast. Using the limb from an aborted black fetus as a tooth pick, the evil bastard chuckled maniacally.

“Good, good. Death. People must die. I love killing indiscriminately” he said to shocked aides (who shouldn’t be shocked seeing as they work for Satan incarnate.)

All my life I have loved watching people die. It’s how I get off sexually. That’s why I prayed to the Devil for this hurricane. I mean what Bush did with Katrina was good but that was nothing more than flooding and a few rapes. But this storm I’ve been told will kill millions. CNN keeps saying it will be the most devastating event to happen to the United States since slavery. You now I approve of slavery and after I win my second term and abolish the Constitution I hope it reinstate that domestic institution.

The unconstitutionally-elected President then strangled a dog with his bare hands while expressing displeasure that Florence was not killing more non-white people.

“I don’t want too many white people to die. They are my tribe. My racially superior tribe” said the evil madman.

But if we can perhaps steer Florence more towards Baltimore, Philadelphia or New York we can kill plenty of peoples of color, or as I like to call them, the racially inferior past and future slaves. I love Jefferson Davis. He’s my favorite American ever. Bull Connor comes in second. And when Florence devastates the inner cities and kills the racially inferior I’ll have ICE pick up the survivors to medically experiment with. I have something in mind along the likes of the Tuskegee syphilis study.

Vice President Mike Pence, a known Christian, entered the room to watch the progress of the hurricane.

“Look Mike” said the President.  “It’s going to kill the racially inferior.”

Pence nodded his head in agreement.

“It is God’s will. The lesser races must die to make room for God’s chosen race.”

Pence then left to join his Christian friends to begin a pogrom against the Jews in the Metro DC area.

After the Vice President left, foam began to seep out of the corners of President Trump’s mouth and his head began to spin around. White House engineers rebooted the President to fix the issue. The rebooted President smiled and exclaimed, “Death! Death!  Death!  It brings me pleasure.”


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Bob Woodward stands behind the accuracy of this addition to his book.

“I wasn’t there and I didn’t speak to anyone in the White House. But from what I know about this evil person’s character I would describe the events I detailed as fake, yet accurate.”



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