Manhattan Infidel’s Guide to the History of the White Power Symbol

White power!








In the past two weeks not only have Brett Kavanaugh’s aide Nina Bash given the white power hand symbol but a man working for the Coast Guard gave it on live television. That has prompted many of my readers my reader to ask “Golly Manhattan Infidel. This use of the white power sign certainly is increasing. How and when did it start?”

Okay so I lied about that. Usually my readers my reader does not ask me anything. Sometimes they request I stop using their bathroom. But that’s different.

Anyway back to what I wanted to discuss.  So here for your edification is a short history of the white power sign.

Who First Used the White Power Sign?

While this cannot be proven many believe the white power sign dates back to Adam and Eve. In the non-canonical “Book of Eve”, chapter 3, verses 13-15 we read this:

13.  Great. 14. Not only did my dirtbag husband get us kicked out of paradise and blame me for it but now he’s going around giving a white power salute. 15. Doesn’t he know I’m Jewish? 

So it appears that due to the mysterious original sin of our first parents, white power was already on the rise and it was offensive to those sensitive to social justice.

The White Power Sign’s first Recorded Use in History

This would appear to be the assassination of Julius Caesar. Sources report that Caesar’s last action was to cover his face with a cloak and say “Et, Tu, Brute?”  Why did he say this?  Obviously because Brutus was flashing a white power sign as he stabbed Caesar. It was as if Caesar was saying “Great. Not only does my best friend stab me but he’s flashing a racially offensive sign. I speak Latin! That makes me Latino!”

The White Power Symbol in American History

  1. In Patrick Henry’s papers is the first draft of his famous “Give me liberty or give me death” speech. The first draft is much like the final except for the words “Give me liberty or give me white power!”
  2. When the British surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown he gave the white power symbol, prompting one of the British commanders to exclaim “White power?  What a meshuganah.  What is he? Irish?”
  3. When John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln he gave the white power sign while doing it. Said Lincoln: “White power? That hurts. Granted not as much as the bullet wound in the back of my head but it still hurts.”
  4. Bill Clinton, while telling America that he did “not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky” was giving the white power sign. Why?  Perhaps to inform Americans of his preference in women. Also Clinton was correct when he said he did not have sex with her. I mean every man knows oral sex doesn’t count. For there to be “sexual relations” there must be vaginal penetration. But I digress.

So you see readers reader the white power sign has a long and disturbing history in the world and particularly in America. This is Manhattan Infidel signing off.  No wait, that’s not the sign I wanted to give!

This is a racist hand gesture





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    Thanks for the history of this oppressive hate sign.


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