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From the Manhattan Infidel Future Archives: Fifty Years Later – A Look Back at the Historic Obamacare Supreme Court Decision

  June 28, 2062.  Year 45 of the Socialist Republic of America. Today America celebrates the spiritual birthday of our great Socialist Republic.  And with the passage of 50 years it is time to take a look back at the momentous events of 2012-2017. Shortly after 10 a.m. on that morning the supreme court, led […]


It is Time to Help President Obama!

  Over the past four years I have watched our country torn apart by those bitter clingers who refuse to acknowledge the justice of redistribution of wealth.  I have watched as the bitter clingers have harassed the brilliant constitutional mind of Barack Obama.  Obama, perhaps the smartest man in the world and definitely the smartest […]


Yankees Win; Manhattan Infidel Wears Ugly Pants

“Well that kind of puts a damper on even a Yankee win.” ~ Yankee announcer Phil Rizzuto reading a news bulletin announcing Pope Paul VI’s death, 1978 Tonight I traveled to the only borough in New York City that is on the mainland of the United States (officially known as “Da Bronx”) to see the […]


Constitutional Scholar Threatened by Latinos with Forks and Knives

  In a tense stand-off that nearly resulted in tragedy, President Obama while speaking at a NALEO (National Association of Latino Elected Leaders) luncheon had the secret service confiscate all forks and knives before the President would speak to the association. “This is standard operating procedure” said a Secret Service agent at the luncheon.  “We […]


Liberal Icon Annoyed by Working Class Stiff (Part Deux)

  A couple months ago I wrote about liberal icon Alec Baldwin and how he was annoyed by working class stiffs on board an airplane.  Well now this liberal icon has been annoyed again by a working class stiff (this time a photographer.)  Naturally I wanted to get to the bottom of this story so […]

Ad Executive's Career Ruined by Wife!

Darrin Stephens, a fast-rising advertising executive in the Madison Avenue firm McMann and Tate has been fired from his job after his boss found out that his wife was in fact not a lesbian. Stephens’ boss, and former close friend,  Larry Tate (pictured here) had this to say about Stephens: Look it’s always disappointing when […]

Manhattan Infidel Probes White House Leaks

Like all those suffering from mental illness oh God my synapses are misfiring again! patriotic Americans I find myself concerned about the constant leaks issuing from the Executive Mansion.  Using my background and training working the counter at McDonalds  in special ops I had the opportunity to gain entrance into the White House and find […]


The Gospel of Barack Obama (Part XXI)

And the day after the election, when it began to dawn that Barack had lost came Scarlet Johansson and Cameron Diaz to see the sepulchre and be photographed at it. And behold there was a great earthquake caused by climate change, for the science is settled.  And an angel of redistribution descended from Chicago and […]

Yankees Win 10th in a Row! Humble Blogger Distracted by MILF!

“I don’t know what it is doc but every time I urinate I scream” ~ Babe Ruth sometime during the 1925 season. The Yankees won their 10th in a row tonight, beating the Atlanta “59 years after leaving Boston and we still can’t get the stink off us” Braves.  The Yankees started their ace CC […]


Rodney King Killed by Body of Water!

Rodney King, whose videotaped beating at the hands of white police officers touched off rioting across L.A. in 1991 has been found dead in a pool it has been learned.  His body was discovered by his fiancee.  There is no known cause of death though a suspicious body of water was seen lurking at the […]