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Skeletor Opens Burger King Franchise!

                Super villain Skeletor, archenemy of He-Man, has announced that he is taking a break from super villainry to open a Burger King Franchise in Poughkeepsie, New York. “I’m not getting any younger” said the evil super villain. And let’s face it. Being a super villain takes a […]

My Exclusive Interview With German Chancellor Angela Merkel

              Today at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ I have the pleasure of interviewing someone who has long been a leader, indeed some would argue THE leader on the world stage, Germany’s very own Angela Merkel. MI: Good afternoon Chancellor Merkel. AM: Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. MI: You were recently quoted as […]


Your {Revised} {Revised} {Revised} {Revised} and Extended NFL Malfeasance Template™ Starring Yet Again Reuben Foster Who Also Starred in the Last NFL Malfeasance Template™ From April 17, 2018

            There are things in this world which are very rare, such as perfect games in Major League Baseball. There are things in this world which never happen such as Manhattan Infidel being abducted and used sexually by the Swedish Volleyball Team. And then there are all-too common experiences such as […]

Counselor Troi Admits She Can’t Sense a Goddamn Thing

                Counselor Deanna Troi of the Starship Enterprise admitted today that she has no special powers of extra sensory perception and in fact cannot sense “ A goddamn thing. Never have been able to either.” Troi’s admission is a stunning blow to Captain Picard, who had relied heavily […]

Pro-Female Genital Mutilation Protesters Clash with Pro-Abortion Protesters!

            Emboldened by a Federal judge in Michigan who ruled that outlawing female genital mutilation is unconstitutional, a group favoring the practice, aka “Snip it in the bud“, took to the streets demanding federal protection for their practice. Marching up Broadway and chanting “We’re here, we don’t thrust our hips, […]

Thanksgiving Dinners Across United States Ruined as #Metoo Movement Spreads to Turkeys!

              Normally a festive time filled with family get togethers, cranberry sauce and football, Thanksgiving this year will be a tense time as militant turkeys, radicalized by the #metoo movement, vow that protests will break out across the United States. “I was minding my own business on the farm” […]

My Exclusive Interview With the Bravest, Most Empowered and Feminist Woman in America

            With our Republic in peril from Orange Man Bad I have decided to interview a woman who has had first hand experience with Orange Man Bad. First hand experience that has left her scarred and ruined her empowering career.  I am of course referring to Stormy Daniels. MI: Good afternoon […]


Neanderthal Seeks “Open Concept” Cave

                  The neanderthal Grog has announced that he is seeking a “newer, larger” cave to move his growing family into.  “Hopefully one with an open concept kitchen.” There have been rumors in neanderthal circles that Grog was dissatisfied with his two bedroom one bathroom cave. “Cave have […]

Manhattan Infidel Answers All Your Questions Regarding the Arrest of Michael Avenatti

          Michael Avenatti, renowned lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels (aka “The bravest, most empowered women in the history of the world because nothing says empowered more than sucking d*ck on camera for money”) was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of domestic battery (aka “beating the everliving shit out of your wife.”) Naturally […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents: The You Are Going to Prison Horoscope

                If there’s one thing my many readers one reader always ask me it’s “What is my horoscope?” when are you going to stop sending me nude selfies. Well worry no more for I have listened to your concerns my lawyer insists on no more nude photos and here is […]