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Wonder Woman, Superman Break Up!

Woman Woman announced on her Facebook page today that she is no longer “in a relationship” with Superman and is now to be considered single. “Que sera sera” Wonder Woman put on her timeline. Whatever will be, will be.  It was fun while it lasted but yours truly is now a single crime fighter. Very […]

Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr (Stage Name Bill de Blasio) to Seize Private Property

New York City mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr. (who goes by the stage name of Bill de Blasio) has announced plans to takeover 1,200 privately-owned co-op buildings throughout the city. Naturally this attempt to take private property from homeowners without compensation has been met with outrage and resistance. I sat down with our Lord Mayor to get […]


Innocent Wiccan Who Just Wanted to Empower Her Gender Killed by Two German Kids!

Police in the German state of Bavaria are still trying to sort out the details of a hate crime wherein a local Wiccan was burned to death after being thrown in an oven by brother and sister Hansel and Gretel. “Of all my years on the force this is the most despicable crime I have […]