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Justice League to Downsize!

The Justice League, sometimes known as the Justice League of America, has announced plans to downsize after a third quarter in a row of diminished profit margins. “Our losses have been heavier than expected” announced the Green Lantern, one of founding members of the League. Sources report that the Justice League’s expenses increased after it lost […]

Jack and Jill Fined by EPA!

It has been announced that Jack and Jill, two teenagers who went to the top of the hill to fetch a pail of water, have been fined by the Environmental Protection Agency. “The actions of Jack and Jill have had serious debilitating effects on the environment” declared EPA administrator Gina McCarthy. What gives these two […]

Joe Biden Sworn in as President

Like many in the blogging community I am undersexed, lacking social skills, am deeply in debt and will die alone follow politics. And that why I, like many others, were surprised and delighted when Joe Biden won the presidency in the 2016 election.  Delighted because it gives me four years of material. Surprised because, well, […]

Hillary Clinton Sworn in as President

Hillary Clinton is one of the more important figures of the 21st century.  First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, enabler of serial sexual predator Bill Clinton.  It’s only appropriate that she end her career as the 45th President of these United States. And so I give you Hillary Clinton’s inauguration speech from January 20, 2017. […]

Your Daily Horoscope (The Be Careful How You Touch It Edition)

I haven’t done a horoscope post in a while.  I am reminded of this every time I walk down the streets of Gotham.  “When are you going to do a horoscope again” they ask me.  “Do a horoscope.  And put on your pants” they also say.  “Please do a horoscope and please stop texting my […]

Superman Unable to Leap Freedom Tower

For years Superman has dubbed himself as the man “who can leap tall buildings in a single bound.” However that may be in danger after an embarrassing incident in New York City over the weekend that left him dangling from One World Trade Center’s antenna. “We got a call saying someone was stuck on the antenna” said […]

My Exclusive Interview with Batman

Today at Manhattan Infidel I have the pleasure of interviewing well-known crime fighter Batman. MI: Good afternoon Batman or may I call you Bruce? BM: No you may not call me that.  I am Batman.  I have a secret identity.  I know of Mr. Wayne but I am not him. MI: Okay we’ll play your game.  So Bruce, I’m […]

NBC Hires Undocumented Gay Post Op Transsexual Immigrant of Color With Intolerance to Gluten as New Host of The Apprentice

After severing all ties with Donald Trump over his comments about the undocumented immigrants crossing our southern border NBC announced today that after an extensive search for a host who would “promote the values of NBC” they have finally found their man.  Or woman. Depending on your point of view. “We believe our new host will […]

Rape Denier Atticus Finch Targeted by National Organization of Women!

Atticus Finch, controversial rape-denying lawyer in the town of Maycomb Alabama, has come under increasing fire from the National Organization of Woman for his defense of Tom Robinson and his denial that Mayella Ewell was ever raped. “Rape is an epidemic in America” said NOW’s president, Terry O’Neill. Every day on our college campuses, in […]

Cavemen Worried About Climate Change

From the front steps of his cave Og looks out and sees the same thing every day: Ice retreating. “Og worried about climate change” he said anxiously. For the past decade the ice that Og and his fellow cavemen had depended on to find trapped food has retreated as temperatures rise. Many of the cavemen […]