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Wonder Woman Goddamn Tired of Your Mansplainin’ Bullshit!

Wonder Woman, founding member of the Justice League, demigoddess, United Nations Executive Ambassador, known in her homeland as Princess Diana of Themyscira, has let it be known that she is “sick of your shit.” “I fight crime. I fight for justice” Wonder Woman shouted while carrying a placard outside the Justice League’s headquarters that said, […]

Hollywood Reverts to State of Nature as Stars Flee to Canada!

In the three days since Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States, Hollywood has reverted to a state of nature, with tumbleweeds and pigs roaming deserted streets as Hollywood stars climbed to the top of the Capitol Records building and tried to get on the last helicopter out of town before […]


No Matter Whom You Vote For Our Republic is Long Gone

Election day has finally arrived. The choice between Trump and Clinton is for many a horrible one. That speaks volumes. The fact that people care about who gets elected is a troubling sign. Our Government as enshrined in our Constitution, the greatest document for human freedom ever written by the hand of man, is a […]


On Eve of Election, Hillary Clinton Addresses Nation

With the election hours away, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, reeling from recent Wikipedia leaks, took to the airwaves to reassure her panicked supporters that all is well and she still expects to win the Presidency.  As a service to my readers I now present Ms. Clinton’s remarks. My Fellow Americans: I come before you tonight as […]


Anthony Weiner Enters Sex Rehab!

It has been learned that disgraced former congressman and serial sexter Anthony Weiner has checked into a rehab clinic to fight his disease. The facility, The Home for the Perpetual Horny Loser, located in Westchester County has allowed Weiner to enter its advanced six-week “Dick Pic Free” program. Wishing to know more about this program […]


With Election Days Away, Hillary Clinton Reminds Voters That “It’s a Great Country You Got Here, Shame If Something Were to Happen to It”

With only five days left until election day, President-by-acclamation Hillary Clinton  took to the stump to remind voters why they should vote for her. Using her tried themes of compassion and moving forward together Clinton reminded voters of her 40 years of accomplishment in the public eye. I have obtained a copy of the speech […]


History’s Greatest Monster Apologizes for Offensive Halloween Costume!

Hillary Duff, aka “History’s Greatest Monster” is catching heat for her racially insensitive Halloween costume. Duff, heretofore an uncontroversial star, and her boyfriend decided to go as a pilgrim and a native American. “I should have known I was in trouble when people started crying when they looked at us” said the distraught former child star. […]

Captain America Tests Positive for Anabolic Steroids!

Captain America, hero to millions, has tested positive for anabolic steroid use and has been suspended by the supervisory body for superheroes, AADCSHSTA (the American Association of Disguised and/or Caped Superheros and/or Street Cleaners of America). “Americans need to know the process is not rigged” said the AADCSHSTA’s president. We favor free and open superheroes. Natural […]