Anthony Weiner Enters Sex Rehab!

Do you like what you see?

Do you like what you see?

It has been learned that disgraced former congressman and serial sexter Anthony Weiner has checked into a rehab clinic to fight his disease. The facility, The Home for the Perpetual Horny Loser, located in Westchester County has allowed Weiner to enter its advanced six-week “Dick Pic Free” program.

Wishing to know more about this program (for professional purposes only) I contacted the administrator to ask questions about what Weiner should expect.

MI: Good afternoon Ma’am. You are the administrator of the Home for the Perpetual Horny Loser.

HPHLA: Yes that is correct.

MI: Tell me what exactly is sext addiction?

HPHLA:  It’s the desire to have anonymous non-physical interaction sex.

MI: What form does this interaction take?

HPHLA: Generally in the form of photos of genitalia sent from their phone to another person.

MI: What would be the reason for doing this?

HPHLA: The afflicted party gets a thrill, a rush if you will, from this illicit activity.

MI: And all they have to do is send a photo of their genitalia?


MI: Okay. 

[Manhattan Infidel sends a photo to the home administrator]

MI: Check your phone.

HPHLA: Oh, oh my god. Is that your…….penis?

MI: Wow. You know I do feel a thrill.

HPHLA: Yes, that’s generally how it works.

MI:  Wait, this is fun. Let me send some more.

HPHLA: No….please. I don’t think that will be necessary.

[Manhattan Infidel send a few more pics]

HPHLA: Oh no. Look I told you not to – is that a clown face painted on your testicles?

MI: Does it turn you on baby?

HPHLA: No it doesn’t. Sir, I must ask you to cease and desist.

MI: But I’m just starting. I’ve never experienced a rush like this. I knew there was a reason I shaved my chest and took 200 photos of it. Would you like to see my shaved, supple chest?

HPHLA: Sir please. If you keep sending me these photos I’m going to have to ask you to join our facility as a patient.

MI: An entire facility of horny sexters?  Sign me up!  I can’t wait to start sending photos in there.

HPHLA: Electronic devices are banned from the facility.

MI:  Whoa. What the hell?  No electronic devices?  Then how am I supposed to send people photos of my penis?

HPHLA: You don’t.

MI: That does it. I’m flaccid. Just one more question before I go. Do you have any underage daughters?

HPHLA: Goodbye.  Please don’t contact me again.

And so ended my interview. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to send photos of my penis to my loyal readers. Yeah, you know you want it.



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