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I Wish I Could Spend my Entire Life on Vacation and the NYPD Agrees!

Day four of my vacation couldn’t have been more fun.  Today I experienced our criminal justice system from the inside.  For the sake of research mind you and not because I was walking down 2nd avenue without any pants on. Following up on yesterday’s post on our national debt I continue the theme of our […]

Vacation Sure is Fun!

It is day three of my vacation.  I’d like to thank all those who support my blog.  I’d like to thank the web service that hosts my blog. But most importantly I want to thank the NYPD for allowing me access to a computer while “visiting” their fine facilities. In today’s climate of entitlement spending […]

Manhattan Infidel’s Vacation Continues!

It is day two of Manhattan Infidel’s vacation.  I’m having a good time my god I haven’t thrown up so much since college and I hope my loyal readers are as well. Because I care about my readers and If I ever need an alibi I know they will be happy to provide one I […]

Manhattan Infidel is on Vacation!

After enjoying the Christmas celebrations at the Manhattan Infidel residence (which consists of a mini keg of Heineken and pizza) I have decided to take the week off and relax. But I will be back after the New Year. All this week while I relax drink heavily I will be re-posting some of my favorites […]

Santa’s Sleigh Explodes Over Sweden; ISIS Claims Responsibility; President Obama Urges Calm and Asks For “Common Sense” Gun Control

The world suffered an unspeakable tragedy today as Santa Claus, his sleigh, and all reindeer were lost when they exploded over Sweden during their round-the-world Christmas Eve trek. “We lost all downlink with Santa when he was over Sweden” said an official with NORAD. At first we thought it was just an issue with the satellite […]

His Lordship Barack Obama’s Holiday Message to his Subjects

Each winter solstice, at this time, it is my tradition to broadcast a message to my people in all parts of the world. I am speaking to you from my own home, where I am spending the solstice with my family except for Michelle who is shopping in New York City; and let me say at once how I […]


Where Was Sir Hillary? (The What Difference Does it Make Edition)

Viewers of Saturday night’s Democratic Presidential debate witnessed a startling event: Our 45th President Sir Hillary Clinton appeared semi-sober was missing from the stage when ABC came back from a commercial break. Many pundits have speculated as to to the reason.  Was Hillary ill vomiting from too much vodka?  Perhaps as the former Secretary of […]


White Man Denies His Bi-Racial Heritage!

Controversial Rebel Alliance fighter and former moisture farmer from Tatooine, Luke Skywalker has renounced his true father, Darth Vader. “it’s a sore point with him” said good friend Hans Solo. He called me up one day all out of sorts. “Darth Vader told me I’m his son!” I told him to calm down and take a […]

Your Horoscope: The Weekend Edition!

It’s Friday and that can only mean that the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ is buzzing with excitement. Because there’s nothing we enjoy more than sitting in a bar at 3 am on a Friday night promising much younger woman free drinks if they would agree to come back to our place.  Oh come on honey. […]

San Francisco Inspector Harry Callahan Suspended Over Racially Charged Incident!

Harry Callahan, an inspector with the San Francisco Police Department has been suspended pending the outcome of a Federal civil rights probe. The trouble for Callahan began as he was sitting in a diner when he noticed a bank robbery in progress. Callahan, disregarding the safety of bystanders shot and killed two of the robbers […]