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Manhattan Infidel Celebrates Six Years: The Paul McCartney and Wings Glorious Mullet Edition

On February 20, 2009, a date which will live in infamy, a blog debuted which threatened the very fabric of our society. Today, society is on the verge of collapse while Manhattan Infidel grows stronger every day. Soon I will be strong enough to destroy your planet and everyone on it! (Except for Olivia Wilde […]

Daniel Boone TV Show to be Rebooted for 21st Century Audience

The Daniel Boone show, one of the more popular TV shows from the 1960s is returning to television. “We are pleased to bring the Daniel Boone name into the 21st century” read the statement. The original TV show starring Fess Parker was and still remains very popular.  As such we will be bringing him back […]

Herbert Hoover Comfortable With His Sexuality

President Herbert Hoover stunned the nation today when during the State of the Union address he came out as a straight man. After giving a lengthy recitation of our national defense, including the presence of 1600 marines in Nicaragua, the President then turned to personal matters. “I don’t like labels” said the President.  “But if […]

Vincent Price to be Released into Florida Everglades

The Florida Department of Oh God Why Are We Doing This We Are Tampering in God’s Domain has announced plans to release millions of genetically modified mosquitoes into the Florida Everglades. Speaking from the Department’s headquarters in Miami its director said that the release of the genetically-modified mosquitoes serves no useful purpose but it should prove […]

Spam! (The Climate-Controlled Edition)

Due to contractual obligations I must empty my spam folder at least once a month (just like my bowels).  And so for your edification and blogging pleasure I now present the latest visit to the Spam factory. Spam factory is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or […]

Battling Democratic Extremism Through Arts and Crafts

The United States is reforming Democratic extremists by showering them with attention, providing therapy and offering arts and crafts classes. At the George Clooney Center for Advice, Counseling and Care off Hollywood Boulevard available seats for painting sessions are gone weeks in advance. A painting by one patient, a former Democratic extremist shows a peaceful, […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents Your Rapper Death Template™

It has happened again.  A promising up-and-coming rapper’s career has been cut short by premature gunshot wounds.  In this case it was Dominic Newton, who went by the name “The Jacka” who was gunned down on MacArthur Boulevard in Oakland. Since I always strive to make the job of the MSM even easier than it already […]

Pope Francis to Issue Encyclical on Global Warming I mean Climate Change

Pope Francis, perhaps the biggest idol in the world today, has announced that he will be issuing an encyclical on global warming climate change due out in the Spring in time for the global warming climate change summit in France. “Our holy father is very progressive” said the Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin. He […]

Female Driver Causes Fatal Car Crash on Pacific Coast Highway

A female driver, identified as former Olympian and male-to-female transsexual Bruce Jenner, was involved in a horrific fatal car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu Saturday. The car that Ms. Jenner was driving hit another vehicle that was stopped at a red light, pushing that vehicle into oncoming traffic and killing the driver.  […]

My Exclusive Interview with the Easily Conflated Brian Williams

The Brian Williams scandal keeps growing larger.  Williams, the anchor for NBC nightly news was caught telling a lie about allegedly having a helicopter he was riding in shot down while in Iraq.  He has since apologized, citing the “fog of memory.” Williams has graciously agreed to be a guest on my blog where he […]