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Spam! The How Did You Get My Number Edition

                Being a well-known to homeland security and popular to my mother blogger I have to deal with frequent spam. It’s been awhile since my last spam post so please sit back and enjoy the latest edition of A Visit to the Spam Factory™.  A Visit to the […]

Spam! The Shady Russian Ties Edition!

It’s been over a year since I’ve done a spam post. So it’s time for another. Spam. It’s a fact of life. We all get spam. Some of us enjoy spam. But only those lonely people who have no friends and do not get any other email. No. I’m not talking about me!  I swear! […]

Spam! (The Paying Customer Edition)

Spam!  We all love it. We all need it. We all want more of it.  It’s a natural part of life we shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about. So in the spirit of giving (’tis still the season) I now present the semi-annual visit to the Spam Factory. Visit to the Spam Factory void where prohibited […]

Spam! (The Clear Your Thoughts Edition)

It’s been a few months since I’ve done a Spam post. My readers may be wondering, “Manhattan Infidel do you no longer receive spam?” Yes, I still receive spam but I’ve been so busy with my rewarding personal and professional accomplishments public nudity that I haven’t had a chance to compile any comments.  With that […]

Spam! (The Climate-Controlled Edition)

Due to contractual obligations I must empty my spam folder at least once a month (just like my bowels).  And so for your edification and blogging pleasure I now present the latest visit to the Spam factory. Spam factory is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or […]

Spam (The I Have an Alibi Edition)

It has been hectic this week at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ between Christmas shopping and clearing my internet history so visitors do not see what I’ve been viewing. So instead of actually preparing anything to write it’s time for the latest visit to the Spam factory. (Spam valid in continental United States only.  Allow […]

Spam (The That’s Not Mayonnaise Edition)

Having spent the entire night in an alleyway fondling strangers for money, I didn’t have anything prepared to write about when I returned home.  So I guess it’s another spam post. Spam and herpes:  The two constants in the life of Manhattan Infidel. That gives me an idea. A new category called “A Visit to […]

Spam (The You Will Be Caught Edition)

Being a world-famous blogger has many perks (and I’m sure anyone who has a blog will agree with me on this):  Travel around the globe, hobnobbing with the rich and famous, financial benefits and of course the women.  Always women.  They can’t seem to leave bloggers alone. But blogging does have one downside.  Spam.  So sit […]

Spam (The I Found This Blog By Mistake Edition)

It was a long night at the Worldwide Headquarters™ of Manhattan Infidel and between breaking news and personal tragedy (my credit card was rejected at the Bunny Ranch) I haven’t had time to prepare a post for today.  So instead dear readers I present you with the latest edition of A Visit to the Spam […]

Spam (The Product Was Excellent Edition)

Being a blogger means two things: I have never known the touch of a woman I have to find other sources of income With that in mind it it time for a visit to the Spam Factory.  Spam Factory not valid where prohibited by law.  Spam Factory valid only in continental United States.  Spam factory…….oh […]