Spam (The That’s Not Mayonnaise Edition)

Spam is the tie that binds

Spam is the tie that binds

Having spent the entire night in an alleyway fondling strangers for money, I didn’t have anything prepared to write about when I returned home.  So I guess it’s another spam post. Spam and herpes:  The two constants in the life of Manhattan Infidel. That gives me an idea. A new category called “A Visit to the Herpes Factory.

Nah, Jim from Asylum Watch has already done that. At least I think it was Jim. My apologies  if I am mistaken.  So sit back and enjoy the desiderata of western civilization.  (And yes I know that technically means “object of desire” but I’m so lonely.)

Nixextito writes:

They usually weigh much less than four pounds.

Usually yes, but I have a hernia.

Friertglutt writes:

The brothers made many trips to Japan and learned to appreciate the culture.

Would that culture include large-breasted Japanese women?

Rabbedabbe writes:

Five more large jars of mayonnaise!

Um, that’s not mayonnaise. But it is good for your complexion so feel free to sample.

Thomasoff writes:

Performance is maximized!

That’s why I keep extra jars of “mayonnaise” handy.

Vitabiotics writes:

Greetings from California!  I’m bored to death at work.

I assumed being a porn star would be more exciting.

Mansellemedia writes:

A complete discharge!

Hence the five jars of “mayonnaise.

Kedenz writes:

However most partners aren’t willing to pay.

You want to play, you have to pay!  I’m not standing in a feces-strewed alleyway for my health! And while you’re here please take a complementary jar of “mayonnaise.

Mgmopboil writes:

Yes. Pinehurst sells private, country club memberships.

You’ve obviously stumbled upon the wrong blog.  The only thing we have to sell here are jars of “mayonnaise.”

Guelphugo writes:

We need to strengthen the weak areas of our character.

I remain committed to my promise not to do anything untoward in your mouth.

Carreras MBT Murcia writes:

But one thing is sure there will be questions that you have not heard before.

I don’t know.  Usually when I’m brought in for questioning they always ask the same question: Was that you in the trench coat and is that your “mayonnaise“?

Kaynesinterconnection writes:

Avoid wearing clothing.

It’s how I attract and retain customers.

Easymark UK writes:

Progressive leaders learn to control their movements and have fun wrestling each other in shorts.

So you’re saying liberals are constipated and kinky?

Divewalk writes:

They have a soft rubber coating on them.

That’s to avoid the risk of painful friction against body parts.

Ugg Pas Cher writes:

Lose your kids, losers!

I agree with the sentiment.  Just make sure they don’t take your jars of “mayonnaise.”

Chaussure Moncler writes:

How can I attract more hits to my weblog?

First off it’s called a blog.  Secondly, think large-breasted Japanese women holding jars of “mayonnaise.”

And finally, Piramidenf writes:

Have online sex!

May I interest you in some jars of “mayonnaise?”

That’s all for now loyal readers. Keep your cards, letters, spam and “mayonnaise” coming.

Until next time,

The Manhattan Infidel


6 Responses

  1. petermc3 says:

    With drool on my chin, Miracle Whip running down my leg, who needs your stinkin’ mayo writes Chris Matthews.

  2. Was it Pinehurst that reused to let Obama play golf at their club? Was it because he refused to use mayonnaise ( or is it really Miracle Whip)?

  3. petermc3 says:

    Would they allow grey Poupon?

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