Spam (The Product Was Excellent Edition)

Spam I am.

Spam I am.

Being a blogger means two things:

  1. I have never known the touch of a woman
  2. I have to find other sources of income

With that in mind it it time for a visit to the Spam Factory.  Spam Factory not valid where prohibited by law.  Spam Factory valid only in continental United States.  Spam factory…….oh hell.  Why bother.  Time to go back online and check out some webcams.  It’s almost like having human contact!  Human contact not valid where prohibited by law.

Michael Kors Handbags Vainilla writes:

Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

Look I’ve told you before access to email violates the terms of my parole.

Carteyroeko writes:

Catching a big largemouth bass is extremely satisfying.

You’ve never know the touch of a woman either, have you?  And all this time I thought I was the only one.

Louis Vuitton Men writes:

I am very happy with the purchase. The bag is! Great bag. Great seller. Will be ordering more from you.

Like I said I have to find other sources of income.  Just keep it on the down low.  We don’t want the police involved.

Cyrstal Plastic Surgeons writes:

Hi, i think that i saw you visited my blog so here i am!

Does your blog feature naked Japanese women?  If so I probably did visit it.

Overnight Bag writes:

Good product. Seller slightly delayed shipment, but overall I’m happy.

Next time tip the border patrol agents you cheap bastard and your stuff might show up quicker.

cbighsoq62 writes:

The women will get off on the wrong foot.

Is there nothing the patriarchy won’t destroy?

maggihamblimg writes:

Hello Thank you very much. fast delivery. I’m happy with the supplier. Very beautiful thing. The quality is good .Well packed, shipping was fast, there is not a great scent, but it is not fatal.

Thank you.  You see what happens when you shell out the extra to bribe customs?  You get your shipment faster.  As for the scent:  drug sniffing dogs.  ‘Nuff said.

Rtqefpldef1986 writes:

Trusty twine snips for clipping electrical wires, a soldering handgun to assist you to solder terminals, shrink hoses in order to safeguard the actual wire contacts, along with great adhesive pistol.

In my line of work sometimes you have to break into a place quickly.  These things come in handy.

Wmjxvd writes:

Pleasant, soft. looks very good. It is a little smaller than I expected, but I’m still very very happy.

I’ve lost some weight so when you met me my backside probably looked smaller than in the selfies I sent you.

Newport 100s writes:

I just loved!!! A lot of!  The bag is prime quality.

Thank you. I may give up blogging if my other source of income continues to be so profitable.

Sapsukk writes:

The actual length of time between ejaculations.

That would depend on what I’ve been eating. And the porn site.

Louboutin Femme Prix writes:

Enjoy freshly cooked pheasant.

Only if it is gluten-free.

Vuitton Crossbody writes:

The products were delivered quickly and the quality is better than we can imagine.

I pride myself on the quality of my product.  And I’m glad to see you shelled out the money to bribe customs.  Not like that cheap bastard “Overnight Bag.”

Tn Pas Cher writes:

Today my teacher became my close friend.

Was she Japanese?  Do you have a website?

Nike Free Love writes:

I want to give something back.

You already have.  Fortunately I had an extra supply of sheep dip to bathe in to kill those pesky critters.

And finally, Idosewurj writes:

The product is excellent, thank you, the pity was the time that i have to wait, like three months… but i think that its because i live in Argentina.

Yeah, blame it on the fact that you live in Argentina, not that you’re a cheap bastard who refused to bribe customs.  What the hell is wrong with you?

And so ends this edition of A Visit to the Spam Factory.

Just remember to tip those customs agents. Many have families to support.


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