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Spam (The Consensual Edition!)

Who doesn’t love Spam?  Spam between consenting adults is still legal in most states. (Thank God those right-wing Republicans and their family values haven’t triumphed!) And so without further delay enjoy the consensual spam edition. Louboutin Pour Homme writes: Sometimes close my eyes. I get that a lot from women.  Something about the “shame” of being […]

Spam! (The Unpleasant Keyhole Experience Edition)

It is time once again for the only thing left that makes western civilization worth living in: Spam! So hold on to your hats and enjoy the latest in meat by-products.  No wait.  Meat by-products are what’s in my crawlspace.  That makes two things left that make western civilization worth living in. EAcxSErvmy writes: Primary […]

Spam! (The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Edition)

It is once again that time.  The time everyone looks forward to.  No it’s not free methadone day here at Manhattan Infidel.  It’s the latest edition of A Visit to the Spam Factory! For those of you who were expecting free methadone I apologize.  Write your congressman and ask the Republicans to bring back free […]

Spam: The Happy Time Edition

Not many people know this but Spam is considered a delicacy in Korea and is often given as gifts.  Being a cosmopolitan man I have started giving spam out to my friends.  On a related note most of my friends have disowned me.  Spam gets no respect. And so I now present to you the […]

Spam! The Taking It Out on the Subway Edition

One interesting thing I’ve noticed is that when I mention to people that I have a blog they usually run away, mace me or say something along the lines of “I don’t want you to see my daughter again!”  And those are just the reactions from fellow bloggers. Only a blogger knows the evil that […]

Bring Out Your Spam!

It’s time once again for something Manhattan Infidel has come to enjoy: His prostate exam A visit to my Spam mailbox.  Spam gets  a bad rap. If it weren’t for Spam then how would I have known about the millions I have in that Nigerian bank account? And so I now present the latest in […]

Spam I Am! The Cleaning Instructions Edition

There are two things I hate in this world:  Undercover police officers posing as prostitutes and Spam.  But mainly undercover police officers posing as prostitutes.  They always handcuff me. And not in a good way either. And so I now present the latest series in the unending war against the evil known as electronic spam. […]

Spam! Spam! Spam!

Today I’d like to continue a new segment I started last week called “A visit to the Spam Factory.”  Why visit the Spam Factory? Two reasons.  One:  I think it would be amusing and enjoyable for my readers.  And two:  The hooker who stole my pants has my wallet so I can’t afford to buy […]

A Visit to the Spam Factory

I love having a blog as I am allowed to express myself in ways that don’t involve a trench coat, a dark alley and several unsuspecting non-English speaking tourists who are afraid to go to the police. But like everyone I have to deal with the nuisance of electronic spam.  Normally I delete the offenders […]