Spam I Am! The Cleaning Instructions Edition

Spam I am.

Spam I am.

There are two things I hate in this world:  Undercover police officers posing as prostitutes and Spam.  But mainly undercover police officers posing as prostitutes.  They always handcuff me. And not in a good way either.

And so I now present the latest series in the unending war against the evil known as electronic spam.

Chaussure Nike Elite writes:

Rub completely with butter mixed with whatever spices you use.

Do you know how much that stings?  Not to mention the embarrassment when I go to the doctor and tell them I have butter and spices stuck up the wazzoo.

Nike Sax writes:

There are many herbal supplement plans on the market to help with liver detoxification.

Did it ever occur to you that I might enjoy being cirrhotic?

Achat Basket Nike writes:

A server just isn’t essential here.

How long have you been administering the Obamacare website?

Chaussures Nike Jordan writes:

Everyone is aware of the magic a chef skilled in Mexican cuisine can generate.

I believe that magic is called diarrhea.

Nike Blazer en Promo writes:

You wait around trains. You wait around stoplights.

Boy’s got to make a living, doesn’t he?

 Basket Pas Cher Nike writes:

The filters will include cleaning directions.

Now you tell me? This is the third penis pump I’ve had to buy this year!

Chaussures Shox writes:

The pepper-grinding ceremony has all but disappeared.

I blame Vatican II.  First they get rid of Latin. Then they ditch the pepper-grinding ceremony. Why the hell am I even Catholic?

Pseurlhestale writes:

I am writing to let you understand what a magnificent discovery my friend’s child made studying your web blog!

Yeah, sorry about that.  Those “selfies” were intended for adults only.

Cheap Fake Oakleys writes:

Incredible points.  Solid arguments.

You’ve obviously stumbled upon the wrong blog.

Cheap Loius Vuitton Belts for Women for Sale writes:

My neighbor and I were just preparing to do some research on this.

Do me a favor?  Close your drapes this time.  I have children here!  They don’t need to see that.

 Nike Twilight Mid writes:

The next stage within the tendering process may be tender clarifications.

Tenderly I asked her, “Clarify this. You’re not a cop are you?”

Air Jordan Pas Cher Magasin writes:

The pumped/vented technique is most often noticed.

Even if I do it under the desk?

Basket Nike Air Max Femme writes:

The parson created an effort to pay a visit to girls whose menfolk had been gone.

I bet he did!  You know I should look into becoming a parson.

Free Run 2 Femme writes:

Maintain a tickler.

I hear you!  Boy do I ever.  But does it come with cleaning instructions?

Roberttolf writes:

I will immediately seize your RSS feed!

You touch my RSS feed and I will call the police!

Mulberry Cottages writes:

Fantastic beat!

And you can dance to Manhattan Infidel too!

Nike Vintage writes:

The mentor screw may also be employed.

Again. Does it come with cleaning instructions?

Pseurlhestale writes:

You ought to have companionship.

My Japanese sex robot should arrive next week.

And finally Nike Air Max Femme 2013 writes:

They are not puss-filled or scabbed.

I found the cleaning instructions online.

And there you have it.  The latest in the never ending series of electronic spam.


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  1. ” This is the third penis pump I’ve had to buy this year!”

    The good ole boys in Missouri ( pronounced: Mizzura) use breast pumps. I never heard no complaynen.

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