Spam! (The Unpleasant Keyhole Experience Edition)

Spam I am.

Spam I am.

It is time once again for the only thing left that makes western civilization worth living in: Spam! So hold on to your hats and enjoy the latest in meat by-products.  No wait.  Meat by-products are what’s in my crawlspace.  That makes two things left that make western civilization worth living in.

EAcxSErvmy writes:

Primary stroke centers certainly should be more numerous.

I hear you ‘bro.  Living in NYC I have primary stroke centers all over Manhattan.  The cops still can’t find all of them.

Armandet writes:

When astronomers looked at this object in 2003 with Hubble, they saw a very classic ‘hourglass’ shape.

Isn’t that sexist attitude so typical of the heteronormative patriarchy?

WilliamNip writes:

Since they allege you were caught on camera, they should make that video available.

That’s what I told my lawyer!  I mean it could have been anybody waving his junk on that video.

Holliser Sale writes:

Delicate features in the young housewife.

That’s why she’s in my crawlspace.  I have very high standards.

XL20140220 writes:

Tasty tips!

Thanks.  It’s the chocolate nipple-licker drops.

Ray Ban 2243 writes:

Just plain disrespectful to the dead!

Hey, what’s the point of working in a morgue if you can’t have sex with the corpses?

Chaussures Louboutin writes:

I have done a lot of research on fermenting.

You’ve never known the touch of a woman, have you?

Hogan Interactive Donna writes:

My heart is full of fantasy!

Take a cold shower, hippie!

Ray Ban Prezzi writes:

What’s your opinion?

It is my firm belief that George Lazenby was the best James Bond ever.

Generic Cialis Manufacture writes:

Boners with Viagra!

I saw that movie.  The production values were excellent.

Occhiali Ray Ban 01 writes:

Then enjoy a few wipings.

I always wipe when I’m finished.  It’s just good manners.

Coach Outlet Stores in Michigan writes:

I’m still learning from you.

Free your mind, baby!  Now put on this French maid outfit.

Nike Mercurial writes:

A drunken time to show myself.

I’m still banned from many nude beaches myself.

Louboutin Paris writes:

Her body suddenly a heavy fall.

Just curious, which date rape drug do you use?

And finally, Gmnlelay writes:

Another very bad keyhole experience. 

I had the same problem once with Erin Andrews.  I had booked a hotel room right next to her and, well, mistakes were made.  Misunderstandings prevailed.  I still legally cannot talk about it.

And there you have it readers.  Until next time keep the Spam coming!


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  1. George Lazenby? You really need to get out more, my friend.

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