Spam! (The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Edition)

Spam I am.

Spam I am.

It is once again that time.  The time everyone looks forward to.  No it’s not free methadone day here at Manhattan Infidel.  It’s the latest edition of A Visit to the Spam Factory!

For those of you who were expecting free methadone I apologize.  Write your congressman and ask the Republicans to bring back free methadone!

Tiffany Firenze writes:

Open the door to the young teacher.

I saw that movie.  The production values were excellent.

Orecchini Tiffany writes:

Her hands accidentally touched the thigh.

What do you mean accidentally?  I paid extra for that!

Air Jordan Pas Cher writes:

Tarzan saw his mother killed by a poisoned arrow.

Are you sure it wasn’t global warming?

Gymnlelay writes:

When the pump is squeezed, fluid from the reservoir is transferred into the two cylinders, producing a firm erection.

Um.  Wrong blog.  Obviously you meant to visit Asylum Watch or Conservative Hideout 2.0.

Armandet writes:

He can still see the burned out cars and the clouds of tear gas canisters.

Nice to know I still have readers in Detroit.

Laurel writes:

She will always smell just the way you like.

Really?  What’s your secret?  I’ve found that my crawlspace gets pungent after a few days.

Hollister UK writes:

Hello I am from Australia, this time I am viewing this web site, I am really delighted and learning more from it. Thanks for sharing.

F*ck you, you Australian bastard!

Sandra writes:

Why not get some for free?

What time is happy hour?

Turkish Hash writes:

Sucking on a nipple.

Again.  What time is happy hour?

hogan Uomo writes:

There are several lovers. God! I can not choose partners. Turtles crawl forward inch by inch.

What the hell kind of bars are you going to?

Bing writes:

Everything is open.

Yeah, would you mind putting on some underwear?  Thanks.

Alexa writes:

Another service?

Thanks but I paid for only one time.

And finally, Agent Benedicte writes:

I seem to see the land of sprawling Mexican cactus.

I blame Republicans for not passing comprehensive immigration reform.

And that is this week’s edition from the Spam frontlines.

Remember, I am a professional blogger.  Do not try this at home.


2 Responses

  1. “He can still see the burned out cars and the clouds of tear gas canisters.”

    Yup! That’s wherI live. Come back again when you can stay longer; but bring your running shoes

  2. petermc3 says:

    Everybody wang chung tonight.

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