Spam! The Shady Russian Ties Edition!

How close are Manhattan Infidel's ties to spam?

How close are Manhattan Infidel’s ties to spam?

It’s been over a year since I’ve done a spam post. So it’s time for another. Spam. It’s a fact of life. We all get spam. Some of us enjoy spam. But only those lonely people who have no friends and do not get any other email. No. I’m not talking about me!  I swear!

DavidItago writes:

All Toronto condo projects are here.

I have no knowledge of these Toronto condo projects and I certainly did not funnel money to the Russian ambassador for the project

SubaMe writes:

The sector hopes for even more.

Look I told you I’m doing the best I can. But these Russians are tough customers. They shot my dog!

HymanSix writes:

Improve male potency, muscle strength and sexual energy.

For the last time take me off your mailing list. I don’t need your pills. But just out of curiosity what should I do if my erection lasts longer than four hours?  The Russian girls are beginning to worry.

GexecWizm writes:

Could be $22 million which is htc was sent transparent.

Dammit you wired the money transparently? You know the Russians don’t like that. You’ve signed our death warrant! BTW ten percent goes to Schumer and Pelosi, right?

Frankie writes:

Most of them are completely unknown to me.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Sure I met with the Russians but it was completely innocent.

Alinaerynm writes:

База Недвижимости В Севастополе еще

Yes I am interested in your real estate deals. I mean I don’t speak the language and neither do Pelosi or Schumer.

Degrenier writes:

Sick and tired of feminist American and western women? Looking for a more traditional woman? One that will be a good wife to you? Check out Russian women!

Let’s keep my meetings with Russian women on the low-down. I don’t want the Democrats in congress to find out. They might make political hay out of it.

Angernode writes:

The main thing that you want to do is to stop the pain.

No shit Sherlock. You didn’t tell me the Russians would be armed! My insurance does not cover bullet wounds.

Onmhge writes:

How to retaliate accordingly?

Don’t worry. I taped all my conversations with Pelosi and Schumer. If they want to go to the mattresses no one is getting out alive.

Swonseiodinee writes:

Extended Skin Dermabrasion, laser methods, and moisturizing creams would be the prominent methods.

I’ve seen the Russians in action. They use cruel torture methods that shock even the Chinese Mafia.

Fight542 writes:

Strip clubs are known to be very catty.

Look it’s where the Russians wanted to meet. In a public place. Alright? So get off my back.

VjyyfGtvts writes:

Salvatore comes armed with  a .45 caliber handgun.

What? Are the Russians in league with the Italians now? Do Pelosi and Schumer know?

And there you have it. Spam. Thank god for my spam folder. The FBI will never think of looking in there for my ties to the Russians.


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