Spam! (The Paying Customer Edition)

Spam!  We love it.  We need it!  It's a natural part of life

Spam! We love it. We need it! It’s a natural part of life

Spam!  We all love it. We all need it. We all want more of it.  It’s a natural part of life we shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about. So in the spirit of giving (’tis still the season) I now present the semi-annual visit to the Spam Factory.

Visit to the Spam Factory void where prohibited by law.  Do not visit the Spam Factory if you are taking nitrates for chest pain.  If you experience a visit to the Spam Factory that lasts longer than four hours seek immediate medical attention.

Female Weight Loss Program writes:

We are meant to be shared!

So, um, you’re into it?

Wholesale Replica Cheap nike NFL Jerseys for kids From China writes:

Organ bends towards up, down, left or right direction while erect.

I have that problem in the morning.  You try peeing when that happens.

Cialis at walmart canada writes:

I hope to see you soon.

What….what the hell are you talking about? I don’t use your product!  Never!  Just leave your free samples.

Cheap Snapback Hats for sale online writes:

Here are different ways that can help you in concealing your identity.

Thanks. I’ll need them.  I think her mother made me. I mean, 15 year old girls should  not dress so suggestively.

Rainbow Project writes:

I like what you guys are up to.

I’m flattered, but my webcam ain’t free you know.

Sex cam writes:

I think I will come back if you post more.

Like I told Rainbow Project, it ain’t free.  You want to play, you got to  pay.

Sexdate writes:

I wanna say thnx for sharing.

It’s always nice to have paying customers and I hope you are able to retrieve whatever  you put up your butt.

Bogner Atmungsaktiv 2015 Warm Halten Women writes:

Musty smells, bubbling paint, uneven floors, moldy walls, mysterious cracks, all may be indicators of trouble ahead.

Now you tell me! I should have known it was a scam. But she told me to meet me at that address!  And to think I was a paying customer!

Sexdating writes:

If u like to visit our blog check it out.

You are so hot!  Two questions.  Are you over 17 and do you take American Express?

Buy viagra pills without prescription writes:

Call me!

I want to. But I can’t get the video on my Skype to work.  I want you to see me when I see you. It’s more erotic that way.

Wholesale NFL Jerseys writes:

It’s thick!

Yeah, you like it baby? Okay I have to confess.  I’m using a wide-angle lens on my laptop.

RepoXR Software for Repossession Companies writes:

I don’t think I’ll be able to wait!

Okay so you finished early. Nothing to be ashamed of. But I will have to charge you for the entire hour.

Puydby writes:

Just happy to look.

Oh come on baby. Don’t you want to join in on the fun? The extra charge is minimal and you will be discreetly billed.

canada goose ladies writes:

I’m completely new to this.

Relax.  I’m a blogger. You can trust me.

Cooks Island Video writes:

Look at this!

Um. Yeah, you should get that checked.

DxDwpwuam writes:

Your advances have been turned down.

Then why the hell did you call?  You’re not getting your money back!

And there you have it friends.  May your Spam be as enjoyable and profitable as mine.


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  1. GOODSTUFF says:

    “Why hide in the shadows when you can shine” – GOODSTUFF

    SPAM the other Mystery Meat

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