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Flirting 101 with Harvey Weinstein

            From time to time at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ I turn my pages over to a guest columnist. I am honored to have Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein who will talk about proper etiquette when flirting with the ladies, a subject I know many of us want to […]

Eve: Adam Groped Me!

                    Eve shocked many in the Garden of Eden today when she accused her domestic partner, Adam, of inappropriate conduct. “First he asked me to his hotel room” she said. I shouldn’t have gone up but hey, I was young and naive. So he greets me […]

Swedish Chef Exposed as Mastermind Behind Meth Empire!

                Popular television personality The Swedish Chef has been charged with running a meth empire and personally killing or ordering the deaths of several associates and/or rivals in his underworld business. According to agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration The Swedish Chef had been making, or “cooking” meth for almost […]

My Exclusive Interview with Harvey Weinstein

              Today at Manhattan Infidel I have the pleasure of interviewing Hollywood mover and shaker Harvey Weinstein. MI: Good afternoon Mr. Weinstein. HW: Cunt! MI: What? HW: Sorry. Force of habit. MI: Okay. Let’s talk about the recent allegations against you. HW: Is this about the murders? MI: Um. No. HW: Okay then forget I mentioned that. […]

Wiccan Killed by White Girl!

              An eastern Wiccan, often referred to by intolerant, religiously fanatical Republicans as “The Wicked Witch of the East” was killed today by a white girl whose house fell on the innocent Wiccan. “This white girl just done and put her house right down on her” said a munchkin who […]

Radicalized Fat Albert Kills Mushmouth and Dumb Donald!

              North Philadelphia remains in shock as local kid Fat Albert, recently radicalized, brutally murdered two of his closest friends, identified as Mushmouth and Dumb Donald (pictured here).             “We don’t know what happened” said Fat Albert’s brother. He must have just snapped. He’s […]

My Exclusive Interview with Jimmy Kimmel

                    Today at Manhattan Infidel I have the pleasure of interviewing a rising star in the Democratic Party. Indeed many consider him the heart, soul and conscience of the Party. I am referring to former comedian and late night host Jimmy Kimmel. MI: Good afternoon Mr. Kimmel. […]

My Exclusive Interview with O.J. Simpson

            Today at Manhattan Infidel I have the pleasure of interviewing recently released convicted felon (but technically not a double murderer) Orenthal James Simpson. MI:  Good afternoon Mr. Simpson. OJ: Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. Isn’t it a wonderful day? MI: Yes it is. OJ: I missed this so much when I was in  prison.  […]

Superman Takes a Knee; Lois Lane Dies!

                    Otherworldly hero Superman, angered by white privilege and institutional racism, took a knee today instead of reversing the orbit of the Earth and saving his significant other, Lois Lane. “It really wasn’t that difficult a decision” said the caped superhero. Fighting for truth, justice and […]

Tooth Fairy to Rebrand!

                    The Tooth Fairy, in an attempt to modernize her business model, announced today that she will no longer be leaving money in exchange for teeth but will use the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. “What can I say? You have to adapt and change or die” said the […]