Because Tramps Like Us Baby We Were Born to Dodge Taxes

Two con men in action!

Semi-talented, billionaire con man Bruce Springsteen admitted today that for years he has been cheating on his taxes and that he has a perfectly logical explanation:  “I’m a Democrat and can get away with it.”

I sat down with the semi-talented, semi-differentially abled star to address his stunning admission.

MI: Good afternoon Bruce.

BS: Would you like my autograph?

MI: No.

BS: Are you sure?  Are you absolutely sure? I’m Springsteen dammit

[Springsteen puts a hood on] 

Bruce Springsteen wearing a hood

MI: Please take the hood off.

BS: But I’m Springsteen dammit.

MI: Take the hood off.

[Springsteen removes hood] 

Bruce Springsteen not wearing a hood

MI: Somehow I liked you better with your hood on.  Now let’s talk about taxes. You own a 200-acre farm in New Jersey. But because technically you “farm” on that property since you grow potatoes your tax bill is reduced from $138,000 to $4,600 dollars. Because you say you are a farmer, you prevent New Jersey from redistributing your income.

BS: First let me say that I believe in the glory of socialism. What has been done in Venezuela should be a model to us all. I was down there recently reveling in it. 

MI: What did you see?

BS: Lots of empty shelves in supermarkets and a shortage of food. But that’s a feature of socialism. It prevents the proletariat from gaining too much weight. It shows how benevolent a socialist government can be.

MI: What else did you see.

BS: Rioting. Lots of rioting.

MI: Why were they rioting?

BS: They were expressing displeasure with the Trump administration.

MI: I see. Not because Venezuela’s economy is shattered and food is scarce? Is that another feature of socialism.

BS: No. Definitely not. Socialism is a compassionate system that allows us to make economic progress.

MI: And this is the economic system you want to bring to America? Why do you think it failed in Venezuela but would succeed in the United States?

BS: The wrong people were in charge in Venezuela. Brown peoples lack the necessary scientific expertise of white people to make socialism work. Can I put my hood back on?

MI: Yes, please.

[Springsteen puts his hood on]  

Bruce Springsteen in another hood

MI: Now back to your tax situation. You say you believe in socialism but you have consistently tried to lower your taxes. If you believe in redistribution of income I would think you’d want to pay as much taxes as possible to bring about the socialist workers’ paradise.

BS: First off let me say that I believe in socialism. And I will do whatever it takes to help a Democratic president bring it about. From my 200 acre farm I will send out videos asking the middle class to pay more taxes. 

MI: But that brings me back to my original point. Why aren’t you paying more taxes?

BS: Because it wouldn’t be fair. As a Democrat I am naturally smarter and better equipped to bring about socialism. And the masses need someone to admire. They can’t admire me if I’m living a meager hand-to-mouth existence. You see, not paying taxes is compassionate. For me. Besides, there are plenty of rich Republicans who can pay more taxes. They deserve to be punished.

MI: Right. Well is there anything else you want to say to my readers before I wrap up this interview?

BS: I’m Springsteen dammit.

MI: Yes, we’ve already established that. Goodbye.

And so ended my interview with the disciple of socialism and paying one’s fair share of taxes. He’s Springsteen dammit and we aren’t.


5 Responses

  1. Petermc3 says:

    That first photo that looks like a NAMBLA recruitment AD will surely fatten their roles (pun intended).

  2. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Don’t worry. It’s okay when a Democrat does it.

  3. LSP says:

    The Boss. What talent. What Genius. What Millionaire Socialism. What… sorry, I won’t go on.

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