I lost My Virginity to Pete Best: Confessions of a Rock Groupie

Do you have any change? For the meter, you know.

Do you have any change? For the meter, you know.

The 1960s were the glory years for rock groupies. Change was in the air.  Change in music. Change in morals.  Rock groups touring the country began to take advantage of young girls who wanted to sleep with them. What follows are the stories of two women, whom I shall name C.H.E and L.T. for privacy’s sake.

C.H.E was an ordinary high school student living with her parents when one day she received a call from a mutual friend.

“She told me that she had backstage passes to see a rock band and would I like to come” said C.H.E.

Well needless to say I forgot all about my homework and crawled out through my bedroom window. I didn’t know which group was playing. Someone famous I hoped. When we got to the concert it turns out it was the Pete Best Combo.  I never heard of them but we went backstage anyway.  I saw this guy looking at me. It was Pete Best himself.  He said he found me attractive and would I like to go back to his hotel room. Sure I said.  Nothing this exciting had ever happened to me before. Back in his room we both got naked and got onto his bed. I was a little nervous.  “This is my first time” I told him. Do you know what he said?  “Mine too. I never get groupies. Not like the Beatles do.” Then we had sex.  During the entire time he kept shouting “Say I’m better than Ringo!  Say it!” He would also change the rhythm of his thrusting. He’d speed up and slow down. Sometimes he would stop for no apparent reason. When he was finished he didn’t even offer me money for a cab to get home. “I’m on a tight budget” he said. “It’s not like I’m in the Beatles.”  He definitely had a chip on his shoulder.

L.T.’s experience with Pete Best was even worse.

“I have contacts in show biz” she said.

So it’s not unusual for me to meet a famous person. One day I was looking for Tiffany lamps for a client and who do you think walks up to me?  Pete Best!  “You’re very pretty” he said.  Then he asked if I would go back to his hotel room. I was flattered and said yes. What the hell. You only live once. We got outside the store and he hailed a cab. As we got in he asked me if I had money. Come on! You asked me to come back to your hotel. At least pay for the cab. So I told him that I wouldn’t pay. That’s when he got angry and said “If I were Ringo you’d pay for the cab! Well I’m better than Ringo!” Then he asked me a second time to pay. I refused and got out of the cab.  He got out as well and followed me down the street.  He was shouting at me, “Well excuse me for not being Ringo!”  People were looking at us so I had to taser him.  Left him on the sidewalk. The jerk.

Attempts to contact Pete Best for this article were unsuccessful. I did reach his voicemail though which advised me to “leave a message at the beep. Unless you’re Ringo. I don’t want to talk to you.”

Fifty years later and he’s still holding a grudge.


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  1. petermc3 says:

    … but Ringo never worked in his family’s bakery you know. Who’s laughing now mate?

    • Manhattan Infidel says:

      Well technically you are correct. He worked IN the family’s bakery but not FOR. He was a contractor you see. They didn’t want to hire him full time.

  2. petermc3 says:

    I stand corrected.

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