Have a Manhattan Infidel Thanksgiving!

The white man is evil

The white man is evil

It is that time of year again gentle readers where Americans gather together to give thanks for their many benefits.  No wait, that’s the line at the welfare office.

But since I know many would like to live the Manhattan Infidel lifestyle™ I will tell you how to enjoy a safe,meat-free, capitalist-free, imperialist war-mongering free, penis in vagina sex free holiday.

For starters an appropriately culturally sensitive meal must be prepared.  For as I’m sure all my readers are aware, the so-called pilgrims came to America to appropriate the culture of the peoples of color, murder them en masse, and rape the environment.  So why are we celebrating?

The meal?  You will find no racist turkeys in Manhattan Infidel’s home. No meat.  No cranberry sauce (as it is red-colored it might cause the white man to go on the killing sprees they enjoy so much.)

No, the meal will be strictly vegan.  Anything else would be a mortal sin against the socialist worker’s paradise brought about by the God who walks among us, Barack Hussein Obama.

Conversation?  Let’s forget about thanking the white man’s God.

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to talk to our conservative family members about Obamacare, trigger-warnings, safe spaces and micro-aggression.

Here is a list of a few possible conversation starters:

  • Still living the white privilege lifestyle?
  • Why aren’t you driving a Prius? Don’t you care about Mother Earth?
  • Still practicing penis in vagina sex?  Don’t you know all penis in vagina sex is rape?
  • Seriously.  Did you get written and verbal consent to penetrate her?
  • This home is a safe space. Take your testosterone elsewhere!
  • Did you ever stop to consider the many microaggresions the pilgrims committed against the native Americans?
  • I’m sure we can all agree that male on male fellatio is good for the environment.
  • I made this bread using yeast from my vagina. That means it’s empowered bread.
  • There are those who say socialism is an imperfect system.  But it allows us to make economic progress!

I’m sure many of you consider Thanksgiving incomplete without watching a few football games.

I know many war-like white men love competitive sports as it satisfies their testosterone-laden desire to dominate.

But in Manhattan Infidel’s house football will not be viewed.

Instead we will watch The View.

Yes, what better way to quench the fires of white privilege, man-lust and rape desires than to binge watch episodes of The View.

Just remember: Stay out of Whoopi Goldberg’s vagina!  She doesn’t want you there.

Stay out of this woman's vagina!

Stay out of this woman’s vagina!

After watching the View the Manhattan Infidel household will watch The Day After Tomorrow and pray that the great prophet of global warming Al Gore is one day recognized and believed.

Finally Thanksgiving will end by donating money to the cause of Palestinian freedom in occupied territories.  Israel must be wiped off the face of the planet!

May everyone have a happy, socialist and safe space Thanksgiving!

Except Jews.  Israel is an apartheid state!


3 Responses

  1. petermc3 says:

    Why is there not a White Friday? Racist caucs need to shop for discounted stuff post thanksgiving too.

  2. LSP says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Infidel. Not that we should be celebrating the rape of the First Peoples and the bankrupt tropes of White Privilege.

    See you at Burning Man.

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