How Manhattan Infidel Stacks Up

Blogging means I'm on the internet so that makes me important

Blogging means I’m on the internet so that makes me important

Blogging.  Is there a more rewarding occupation for a man who has never known the touch of a woman?

But why write? It’s simple really.  It’s a chance to communicate with other people.  And sometimes my medication doesn’t show up on time.

But since my medication has arrived I think I’ll take this opportunity to explore how Manhattan Infidel ranks in the blogosphere.

According to the information I have found Manhattan Infidel rank as a very respectable 45,337,225 most popular blog in the world.

Being a charitable man I’d like to share the five blogs who rank just above me. Hopefully they will return the favor once I give them all that traffic.

No. 45,337,224: Picture of my Feces

I found this blog to pretty self-explanatory and a bit dry (well the photos that didn’t involve diarrhea anyway.)  While the content on the blog is limited my readers may enjoy comparing their feces to the authors.  My favorite post was the Thanksgiving one. I never realized so much corn can still be visible in feces.  Anyway. Check it out.

No. 45,337,223:  Jared Fogle for President 2016

The author of this blog writes “Our country is fractured and needs a hero. Jared Fogle is that man.” There have been no recent updates to this blog.

No. 45,337,222:  Jews for Hitler!

The goal of this blog is to “set the story straight about one of history’s most misunderstood people. More misunderstood than even David Hasselhoff’s rock and roll career.” The blog seems to consist of photoshopped pictured of Hitler wearing a yarmulke. There is even a category called “What would Hitler do with Israel” where the author proves that Hitler would in fact be friendlier to the Jewish state than President Obama.

No. 45,337,221:  Let me Touch your Teenage Daughter

I found this to be an entertaining blog.  The author, a “middle aged loner with no friends” makes a valid point in his entries that he is harmless and not a danger to society.  He simply wants to touch your teenage daughters. While pleasuring himself. And filming it. You see. Nothing untoward.  I recommend this blog.  God bless this blogger and the important part he is playing in the movement to allow middle aged men to touch teenage girls.

No. 45,337,220:  Here’s My Penis!

What distinguishes this blog from the millions of other blogs of men showing off their penis? For one it’s done by the same man who runs the Let me Touch your Teenage Daughter blog. It’s kind of a companion blog. Once cannot be viewed without looking at the other.

So readers I want you to visit these entertaining blogs. And tell them that Manhattan Infidel sent you.

What was the 45,337,226th most popular blog?  CNN.

But I wouldn’t recommend that blog.

It has no pictures of feces or penises.  It’s disgusting!


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