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Season Two of J6 Hearings to Feature New Character: Cousin Oliver from Brady Bunch!

            Producers of the J6 television show have announced that with the departure of Liz Cheney they will bring in new characters and go for a “younger demographic.” “Look Liz was very popular” said one of the producers of the J6 show. She was the breakout character and we hated […]


My Exclusive Interview with Liz Cheney

            Today at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ I have the pleasure of interviewing Liz Cheney, congresswoman from Wyoming. MI:  Good afternoon congresswoman Cheney. LC:  Good afternoon Manhattan Infidel. MI:  The past couple years you have represented the State of Wyoming in congress.  If I may, your lopsided loss […]


Banana Republics Sue United States for Unfair Business Practices!

              The banana republics of Central America today sued the United States stating that the U.S., by claiming banana republic status, is threatening their livelihoods. “This isn’t fair” said Venezuelan president Nicolas Madero. I’ve worked my entire life trying to turn Venezuela into a shithole.  Now Biden comes along […]


The Ballad of Merrick Garland

              Safely Fighting Trump from his office Fearless Garland will indict and raid Garland means just what they says This brave man Garland of the Justice Department He’s a Democrat that’s all we know He’s a man, America’s best One hundred Republicans he’ll indict today But only Trump shall […]


Feds Raid Mar-a-Lago; Seize Trump’s Toilet!

                    FBI agents raided the home of former President Donald Trump, looking for evidence to tie him to the January 6th insurrection. “We all know Trump is guilty” said Attorney General Merrick Garland. We have the man.  Now we just have to find the crime.  That’s […]

Aging Socialists Sing the Glory of Capitalism!

                    Aging socialists Crosby, Stills and Nash have ended their war with Spotify after finding out that their dreams of a socialist workers paradise needed a cash infusion. “We’re from the 60s” said Stephen Stills. We believe in peace and freedom of speech.  That’s why we […]