The Ballad of Merrick Garland

We will fight Trump in the air. We will fight Trump on the land. We will fight Trump on the sea!








Safely Fighting Trump from his office
Fearless Garland will indict and raid
Garland means just what they says
This brave man Garland of the Justice Department

He’s a Democrat that’s all we know
He’s a man, America’s best
One hundred Republicans he’ll indict today
But only Trump shall he do raid

Trained to protect the Deep State
Trained to fight Trump raid to raid
Garland fights by night and day
Courage deep, from the Democrats of the Deep State

He will appear on CNN
He’s a man, the Democrat’s best
One hundred Republicans he’ll indict today
But only Melania’s wardrobe shall he do wear

Back at MSNBC a young anchor waits
Trump at last has met his fate
He has been raided to protect the Deep State
Leaving Garland this request

I’ll indict Trump for having classified documents
Or failing that indict because there’s a higher Democratic Party truth
Garland will be the man they’ll test one day
Have him raid Trump for the Democrats

Fighting Trump from the sky
Fearless FBI who raid and plunder
Men who mean to protect their civil service position
The brave men of the FBI

FBI badges on their chests
These are men, America’s best
One hundred FBI agents shall be sent by Garland
But only Trump shall they do raid

Give Merrick Garland a Medal of Freedom
Make him the MSM’s hero
He’ll be the man to take down Trump
While wearing Melania’s clothes



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