Manhattan Infidel Presents Your London Parliament Terror Attack Template™

Golly gee what were his motives?

Once again a car has been used as a vehicle of mass destruction in Europe. With the news still fresh the world wonders what could possibly be the attacker’s motive.

Keeping in mind the need not to speculate until all the facts are in I now give you The Official London Parliament Terror Attack Template™.

A man drove a car into a crowd of people before being shot dead on Parliament grounds.  Why?

  • Who cares. Our first priority is to help the wounded and comfort those whose loved ones died
  • Speculation at this point is wrong
  • Perhaps he was a white supremacist? It’s always the white supremacists.
  • Don’t even think of blaming Islam. It is the religion of peace.

After driving into the crowd he attempted to enter the Parliament building.  Why?

  • Like we said before, speculation at this point is wrong
  • He needed to speak to his MP about how right wing Christians are threatening Europe’s freedom
  • The Parliament building has superior bathrooms
  • It all boils down to Donald Trump and his ties to Russia

The attacker was shot dead. Why?

  • The English police had no choice. They had to prevent further casualties.
  • The English police are white. White people enjoy shooting peoples of color
  • There was a rumor that the attacker was Muslim. European society is racist and hates Muslims
  • The English police were acting under orders from Donald Trump

You mentioned Donald Trump. Was he involved?

  • Are you really that naive?
  • Americans love war, power and violence. Why wouldn’t he be involved?
  • Trump is Hitler!
  • It all connects!  Trump, Russia and the attack in London

What can we do to bring Donald Trump to justice?

  • Vote Democratic
  • We, the decent globalist people of the world, must have Trump arrested. Until that day we are all at risk from this madman
  • Violence is not in and of itself bad. It depends on who is on the receiving end of the violence.  Hint hint.
  • Join forces with the Religion of Peace™.  Only by praying to Allah will we be free of the menace posed by Trump

Yes, readers, I strive to present the facts and only the facts: Trump caused the terror attack!



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