Attack on Coptic Church in Cairo, Egypt; Motive Remains a Mystery!

Which Trump supporter is responsible?

Which Trump supporter is responsible?

Cairo’s largest Coptic church was bombed over the weekend, killing 25 and wounding 49.

“The dead were everywhere” said an eyewitness.

I thought I was going to die. Who would bomb a Christian church in the middle of a Muslim Country? I immediately said that it must be an American from one of those red states. You know, someone who voted for Donald Trump. They are all hate-filled racists. Well love trumps hate!

Police and armed vehicles rushed to the church in hopes of capturing the hate-filled Trump supporter or supporters red-handed.

“At this point we do not know who is responsible” said an Egyptian security official.

And we do not want to jump to conclusions. But we all know it was a white man from middle America who is filled with rage, hates peoples of color and voted for Donald Trump. Who else could possibly be responsible? Fortunately a white American or Americans will be easy to spot in Egypt, White people looked washed out and smell funny. God I hate those racists!

While all agree that Trump or his followers is responsible many also see a possible link to the Trump/Putin coalition.

“This sort of hate-filled behavior is definitely inspired by Trump” said CIA director John O. Brennan.

But what we do not know at this point is did Trump act alone. Did he order his followers to do it themselves or was he acting in conjunction with Vladimir Putin. Trump was elected thanks to Russian hacking and leaks of documents. So it only seems natural that Trump and Putin would move on to destabilizing the Muslim world to satisfy their hate-filled hatreds. We at the CIA are confident of this truth. No evidence is necessary. We have ordered all white men traveling to the middle east to be arrested. We will then turn them over to the proper Muslim authorities. I feel sorry for these Muslims. It is the religion of peace and they just can’t understand why Trump wants to kill them.

Donald Trump, as it to be expected, has denied all involvement in the bombing.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims” said the hater before going into an anti-Muslim tirade.

As to who is responsible do I have to say it? ISIS or other Muslim extremists have been committing genocide against Christians in the middle east for years now. And they want to bring this war to America.

Out of respect for the sensitivities of my progressive and love-filled readers I will not quote the rest of that hateful man’s words trying to pin the blame on Islam.

From the White House, outgoing President Barack Obama spoke on the tragedy .

This is a horrible event. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the Muslims in the middle east who will be blamed by the Republican Party. We know it is not their fault. I still get teary-eyed at memory of the call to prayer that I heard as a youth in Indonesia. A beautiful, peaceful sound.

He then closed his press conference by announcing that 5,000 Muslim refugees will enter the United States to to seek refuge in Poughkeepsie, New York.

“This bombing proves that Muslim lives are at risk. We as a nation must welcome them. I hope to bring in tens of thousands more in my short time left in office.”



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