Little Red Riding Hood, Big Bad Wolf Reality Show Canceled

Little Red Riding hood displays her sexualityMTV has announced that it is canceling their reality show “Predator and Virgin” starring Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf.  Though the network had hopes for the series and thought that it would strike a chord with their desired demographic, in the end the show’s format proved too controversial (each week the Predator, aka the Big Bad Wolf would scheme to find a way to take Little Red Riding Hood’s virginity) and drew protests from feminists, virgins, wolves and Law and Order creator Dick Wolf.

Dubbed “The role playing show with the hot red head” by MTV executives, the premiere episode featured crossdressing, lesbianism and a guest appearance by Tony Danza as “the strict teacher.”  The second episode revolved around crossdressing, anal sex and a guest appearance by Tony Danza as “the strict guy on top.”  Due to the volume of protests the show was canceled before the third episode could be aired, which reportedly featured crossdressing, bestiality and a guest appearance by Flavor Flav as Tony Danza.

Critics were united in condemnation. “Poorly thought out.  Poorly executed.  A poor use of Tony Danza’s talents”, “Makes Jersey Shore look like Shakespeare”, “Pussy Galore meets fetishism” and “The worst thing to happen to western civilization since Henry Wallace” were just a few names for the show.

In a statement released today, MTV Chief Operating Officer Rich Eigendorff said “Yeah, we goofed.  We were hoping the show would be edgy and hip.  I mean, it has Tony Danza for Christ’s sake.  How can a show with Tony Danza not be a hit?”

Instead the show just disgusted viewers.  Emergency rooms reported a rise in suicide attempts and projectile vomiting after watching the show.

To replace Predator and Virgin in their prime time  lineup MTV will be airing a new reality show called “Those crazy Hitlers.”  In this show men who like to dress as Hitler will live together in a house with a rabbi and Tony Danza.

“It’s the first thing I learned in TV executive school.  Give them sex.  Give them controversy.  And most importantly, give them Tony Danza!” said Eigendorff.


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