Controversy Erupts After Senator Harry Reid Calls C-3PO a “Light-Skinned Droid”

An indignant C-3PO reacts to Senator Reid’s controversial remarksSenator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) continues to fight for his political life after the eruption of a firestorm resulting from his controversial comments regarding C-3PO, and by extension, Droids in general.

In the new book, “Game Change” by John Heilemann  and Mark Halperin, Reid is quoted as saying that C-3PO was his favorite Droid because he was “light-skinned” and had “no noticeable Droid dialect.”

Senator Reid immediately apologized for his comments, calling them “ill-advised.” In a press conference on Capitol Hill, Reid defended his record, saying that “I have always been a friend to Droids.  Several Droids work for me.  They make excellent gardeners.”

Reids’ comments were the hot topic on the Sunday morning talk shows, with several commentators wondering if  his words would hurt the Democrats in 2010.  On Meet the Press, host David Gregory opined that this would damage the Democrats “nerd base.”

“Statistics have shown that those who eat pizza out of cardboard boxes, read Maureen Dowd’s column, go to Star Wars’ conventions and have never known the touch of a woman traditionally vote Democratic” said Gregory.

On Fox News Sunday,  Chris Wallace asked his guests if Reid’s comments might lead to “increased Droid activism in the forthcoming year?”

RNC Chairman Michael Steele asked for Reid’s resignation.  “The words that came out of Senator Reid’s mouth have betrayed his anti-droid bias. Republicans on the other hand have always supported Robots.  Some of our Republican Presidents have been part Robot.”

C-3PO, however, has accepted Senator Reid’s apology.

“Senator Reid called me today and apologized for his words.  He said he did not mean anything derogatory by them.  I accept his apology.  We must all look at the bigger picture.  Senator Reid is a Democrat with a long history of supporting causes Droids care about, like community activism, minimum wage increases and interdroid marriage”

Reid appears to be taking nothing for granted and is working late into the night to repair fences within the Droid community.  One deli owner near the Capitol told reporters that he is getting lots of late night take-out orders from Reid’s office.

“Yeah, he orders from us all the time.  His favorite is ham and cheese on light-skinned wheat bread.  He says the light-skinned wheat bread tastes more intelligent.”



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  1. KingShamus says:

    Hell, R2-D2 can’t even speak English.

  2. Manhattan Infidel says:

    The lack of English skills should give him a bright future as an analyst on ESPN.

  3. Mucho giggles, dude.

  4. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Thanks. Keep up the good work at ADHD!

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