Jimmy Carter to Join Cast of Heroes

Jimmy Carter, new Heroes villianTim Kring, creator of the NBC show “Heroes” announced today that Jimmy Carter will be joining the cast for Season Four.

“I’m very happy to have Jimmy on the show” said Kring.  “He will bring an additional element of evil.” Carter’s character will be given the power of malaise.  “I am aware that not much has happened on the show the past two  years so I figured why not work with that and create a character that will make people do nothing and feel nothing but despair and a vague sense of mental ill-being.  President Carter is perfect for this.”

Kring says he first got the idea of creating a character with the power of malaise last year but couldn’t decide who he wanted.  “We screen tested established actors for the role but none could bring the quality of depression and despair that we needed.” Kring was ready to give up until he watched a PBS documentary on the Carter Presidency.  “It was like the clouds had parted” he said.  “Here was everything I was looking for.  A man who inspired people to do their least.  A man who filled those around him with vague unsettling feelings that all was not right.  This was a man who had the potential to do more evil than Hitler, Stalin and whoever replaced Sammy Hagar in Van Halen combined.  I immediately contacted Carter and he was excited about the possibility.”

Carter said “Since leaving office I have been looking for an opportunity to do as much as I can to destroy the confidence of the American People as I did when I was President.  Finally I have found such an opportunity.”

Carter’s character will be called “Jimmy Callison” and will be a former politician who discovers that he can control the thoughts of people and have them do nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

Critics were shown a preview of a scene where Carter’s character confronts Sylar.  Sylar is about to carve someone’s head off when Carter places his hands on him.  Sylar is immediately stricken and cannot continue, sitting down and exclaiming “Why am I doing this?  What is my purpose?  I don’t feel it.  I’m sorry.  I just don’t feel it.”

Kring says that Carter’s 10 episode story arc will leave the Heroes in chaos, questioning their abilities and their purpose and unable to do anything at all.  “This will lead to total chaos.  Can you imagine a world where nothing gets done? Can you imagine a world where nothing happens?  Why it would be like living in upstate New York.”

While a force of evil Carter’s character will not be invincible. “Eventually he will meet his achilles heel and this will lead to his destruction.”

Kring would not go into specifics but it is believed that the end of the Jimmy Callison character will involve a row boat and a rabbit.



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