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Amy Robach Fired for Not Having Sex with More Men

                    Two months after her affair with fellow Good Morning America anchor T.J. Holmes was made public, ABC has officially parted ways with Amy Robach. “We really didn’t have a choice” said an ABC executive. We appreciate the service she has done for ABC.  But she […]

Things That Prince Harry Has Applied to His Royal Johnson

            Prince Harry, former working Royal, in his memoirs discusses rubbing lotion on his family jewels and how he believed that the spirit of his mother was in the room while he did it. I know what you’re saying.  What?  I mean I know the Royals are inbred but…..WTF? Don’t […]

Panicked Nation Runs Out of Black People to Star in Commercials!

              Fresh off the scandal of his misplaced classified documents, the Biden Administration entered crisis mode as it was revealed that America has run out of black people to star in commercials. With every black person in the United States currently in a commercial advertisers have begun having difficulty […]

President Biden Admits to Storing Classified Documents in Several Different Locations!

                After asking the rhetorical question how could Donald Trump “be so irresponsible” President Biden was forced to admit that he himself has stored classified documents, not only in his Penn Biden Center think tank but many other locations.  We here at the Worldwide Headquarters of Manhattan Infidel™ […]


John and Yoko Postpone Revolution Until Maid Finishes Fluffing Their Pillows

              Beatle John Lennon and his avant-garde wife Yoko Ono have announced that they have postponed the start of the revolution against The Man and his unjust class structure because their maid is still in their bedroom. “Capitalists and their power structures have oppressed us for too long” said […]

Hardware Store Owner Murders Son!

                Local hardware store owner Howard Cunningham was arrested today and charged with the murder of his eldest son, Chuck Cunningham. “We’ve had our eye on Cunningham for a long time” said a detective. He had three children.  Everyone knew he had three children.          […]

From the Manhattan Infidel Future Archives: With Zero Percent of Precincts Reporting Networks Call 2024 Election for Joe Biden!

            Dateline:  Election Night,  2024 The 2024 Presidential election has been called by all networks and the winner in a landslide is President Joe Biden. “Even though none of the states have finished voting and all polls are still open we feel that there is no path to victory for […]