Not Working Will Set You Free

Not working will set you free.

Not working will set you free.

With the news that the Affordable Health Care Act may cause two million people to leave the labor force, the Obama administration was quick to note the benefits that this will bring.

“Not working will set you free” declared press Secretary Jay Carney.

For the first time in recorded history people will be free not to work.  Imagine that. Instead of being forced to earn a living wage, probably because of cold-blooded Republican economic policies, people will be truly free. Free to devote time to traveling the globe.  Free to work on their hobbies such as building sailboats, paragliding or stamp collecting.  Free to live as they were intended to be:  living within the warm cocoon of the State.  The much maligned Affordable Care Act will do this and the American people have President Obama to thank.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid (pictured here)

Not working will set you

Not working will set you

expressed joy at the turn of events.

Not working is a virtue and will give all of us Eternals living within the Vortex time to develop our paranormal abilities. It is the means by which our dignity will remain intact. Not working is good.  Work is bad.  Brutals outside the vortex work and make new life to poison the Earth with a plague of men, as it once was.  But not working purifies the Earth of the filth of working brutals.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairperson of the Democratic National Committee praised the new world order.

Wage slavery is racist.  President Obama knows this.  The Democratic party knows this.  Thanks to President Obama and the Affordable Care Act I now live in a world where my children will be free. Imagine how much time they will have to ponder the glory of the State now that their minds have been freed from work-a-day concerns.

Though not everyone is happy with the new world order.

Brutals, otherwise known as Republicans, believe that man must work to maintain his sense of honor and respect.

President Obama expressed frustration at this attitude and issued a stinging rebuke to the Brutals:

My policies have raised mankind up from the level of the Brutals.  I have given you the gift of eternal freedom and leisure.  Mankind will no longer even need to sleep. Sleep was necessary for man when his waking and unconscious lives were separated. As Eternals achieved total consciousness sleep became obsolete and Second Level meditation took its place.

Becoming heated with anger, Obama closed his remarks by asking the Brutals to examine their conscience.

Is working for food really that great?  Why work when the State will provide your needs? Let a man examine himself.  If any will work, let him not eat.

The Brutals have been given one week to submit to the new world order or face eviction from the Vortex.


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  1. Well, Obama has never worked in his life and look where it got him.

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