Manhattan Infidel Explores the Heart of Darkness That is the White Hispanic

 This white hispanic can be killed!

Until recently I had always believed St. Augustine: Evil is not a substance in itself but only the absence of good.  That was until the world became aware of George Zimmerman and the phenomenon of the White Hispanic.  For now I believe that evil does have its own existence.  The White Hispanic is the root of all evil.  And I can say that because I am a liberal.  And as a liberal I am a good person and my motives cannot be assailed.

But how exactly did the White Hispanic become evil?  I won’t go into too much detail because I want to keep this post brief and the prostitute pizza just arrived.

In a word, what makes the races of color so admirable is their innocence and child-like simplicity. Well, except for Asians.  Yes they are a race of color but not that kind of race of color so they don’t count. (And again, I can say this because I am a liberal and my motives cannot be assailed.)

What happened with George Zimmerman (and indeed with all White Hispanics) is that their noble blood line was polluted with the filth of the white race. Innocence was lost.  The Hispanic lost his lovin’ feeling to quote the Righteous Brothers and learned the violent, war-like, complicated and adult ways of the white man.

I can say that because as a liberal I have unassailable moral authority behind me.

So what can we do?  How can we eliminate the evil of the White Hispanic from our mist?

I believe the solution is in what I like to call “segregation.

I can make this proposal because, again, as a liberal I am a good person with only the best of intentions.  Unassailable, moral intentions.

Now how would this new segregation work?  Unlike the old system of segregation in America that was put in place to limit the horizons of peoples of color my new segregation would have as its purpose maintaining the ethnic and racial purity of the innocent peoples of color.  Excepting Asians of course, who while they are technically minorities are not that kind of minority.

In practical terms all Hispanics would be moved into specially designed neighborhoods where only they would be allowed to live.  There will be strict standards of racial purity.  A Hispanic who wants to live in this enclosed area will have to prove that his bloodline is at least 80% pure and free of white contamination.  If he can prove this he will be given a star to wear on his sleeve.  And because whites and nonviable peoples of color such as Asians will be excluded from these designated areas there will be no chance of contaminating the Hispanic.

Now I know this plan has objections.  Many of my readers are no doubt saying, “But Manhattan Infidel, this sounds awfully racist.”

If this plan were developed by a conservative Republican that would be the case. Context, as they say, is everything.  But, as a liberal, I love peoples of color and my motives cannot be questioned.  They are unassailable.

I believe this plan will work and I propose a new government agency that could be called “The Department of Segregating Peoples of Color for Their Own Good Excepting Asians Who are the Wrong Kind of Peoples of Color.” 

Needless to say the name is just a suggestion.

I can say all of this because I am a liberal.  My motives cannot be questioned.

Thank you.

The Manhattan Infidel



4 Responses

  1. Okay, I’m convinced.

    He’s guilty.

  2. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Shamus: I defame. You decide.

  3. Sounds complicated. A more easily implemented solution would be anti-miscegenation laws that will prohibit Hispanics from marrying whites, Jews especially, thereby pre-emptively eradicating the race of white Hispanics.

  4. “The Hispanic lost his lovin’ feeling….”

    Yeah back in the day they were gleefully sacrificing each other to their various gods. Blood flowed freely and it was a wonderful time, until the bastard whitey came along and ruined everything. 🙂

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