Internet Invents Al Gore

The new Al Gore Operating System debuts to criticsThe Internet today announced the release of its latest much-touted but troubled Operating System, the Al Gore 2.0.  This latest Al Gore will be the first version available to the general public.

After extensive beta testing of Al Gore versions 1.0  and 1.5 revealed major bugs that had to be eliminated the Internet is confident that this Gore will be “the best Gore ever.”

Al Gore version 1.0 showed much promise but had to be shelved when the Operating System showed a tendency to restrict word searches to a predefined list of parentally approved words.  (See the Tipper Gore 1.25 Operating System.)  “Naturally this posed a problem when people were searching for porn” said the Internet.

Al Gore 1.5 was withdrawn a week before it was due to be released when it was found that a flaw in the code would prevent the system from shutting itself off.  User’s attempting to shut down their computer were greeted with the message “System refuses to recognize results of last command.  Attempting to contact U.S. Supreme Court.”

Despite the Internet’s confidence in Al Gore 2.0 it already has its share of critics.  A review of Gore 2.0 in PCWorld states that “while for the most part we are satisfied with Gore 2.0’s new slimmer and sleaker design we were troubled when testing on several computers revealed a tendency for the system to freeze up when entering data.  Our keyboard and mouse stopped responding and we were greeted with the following error message: ‘System has attempted to access memory module xx25300xy global warming does not exist.’ “

“After rebooting, the computer would come back up at a blue screen with the message, ‘System has detected illegal carbon footprint within specified parameters at module D0x32zz global warming module 000268 rise in sea levels detected.’   This was most frustrating for our reviewers who ended up buying a Macintosh.”

If the problems in Al Gore 2.0 are widespread it could come as a major disappointment to the Internet especially after the problems with its previous operating systems, the Charlie Rangel 1.5 which was plagued with hidden assets that would pop up slowing down file downloads and the Ted Kennedy 1.0 which was susceptible to wiping from its memory the previous nine hours of data and then shutting down with mysterious water damage.

Despite its problems the Internet is committed to the Al Gore and plans to ship it out with all new computers.


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  1. KingShamus says:

    Hahaaa, nice job on this one.

  2. innominatus says:

    Several good ones in there, but I think “User’s attempting to shut down their computer were greeted with the message “System refuses to recognize results of last command. Attempting to contact U.S. Supreme Court.” is really a home run!

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