Obama Meets with God

President Obama before meeting with GodKeeping a campaign promise to meet with God, President Obama went to Heaven today.  Security was tight as Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, secret service agents, a couple hundred assistants, his personal chef and 14 teleprompters were met at the the front gates by St. Peter.  It took an hour for the impressive presidential retinue to assemble in Heaven for the photo op.  Reporters noticed that it was God who reached out first and grabbed Obama’s hand.  President Obama did not bow to God.  Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said “The President bows to no Heavenly King.”

Reporters were quick to notice the difference between the two.  “Clearly Obama has more charisma.  He’s cool whereas God was the old uncool white guy.  Clara Bow was the “IT” girl.  Well, President Obama is the “IT” guy” said Campbell Brown of CNN.

Archangels, angels and saints lined up to shake the President’s hand and have their picture taken with him.  St. Francis seemed almost light headed after their meeting, telling anyone who would listen, “He’s green!  He loves my environment and my animals of the forest.  I sense opportunity for a new associational dialogue.  Normally Heaven doesn’t care about Protestants but Obama is different.”  St. Dominic,  while clearly just as impressed was more restrained, calling Obama “A clean cut articulate young black man………..he’s not a moor is he?”

The glamour, beauty and style of Michelle Obama also had many in Heaven talking.  St. Augustine was seen praying in a corner “Lord, make me chaste.”  The First Lady cut an impressive figure.  God, a lifelong bachelor, had to counter with Mother Theresa as hostess.  While clearly respected by all, she could not hope to approach the unlimited glamour of Mrs. Obama.

The meeting was not without controversy however.  God was reportedly miffed that Obama met with the Canadian PM first and waited until 3 months into his Presidency for a face to face meeting.  Anticipating this, during the Q&A session President Obama said “We……clearly…….um……..I think God understands……God understands  that……..that…..the President of the United States is a busy man.”

God insisted that there was no ill will and that he was pleased to meet with “one of the leaders of the western world.”

And then as quickly as it began, the meeting was over.  Pleasantries were exchanged and Obama promised to return next year “if circumstances dictate a visit.”

After the Presidential party left God expressed displeasure with his gift.  “I make him the second most powerful person in the world behind only Bono and he gives me a mix CD?  Granted, I do love Celine Dion but really……Amateur!”



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