Spock Accused of Sexual Misconduct!

What the hell man? I never touched her!








Lieutenant commander Spock, Second Officer on the USS Enterprise was suspended from active duty after a “credible” claim of sexual misconduct was filed against him. If true the charges could end the career of the once-promising Vulcan officer. Even if proved not true it will be a permanent black mark on his record that could hold him back from further promotion.

The complaint was filed with Star Fleet HR offices in San Francisco by Enterprise Head Nurse, Christine Chapel.

I am woman hear me roar. I am strong! I am invincible!











“I’m just a woman, subservient to Star Fleet’s patriarchal culture” said Chapel.

But sometimes a woman has to stand up to the male paradigm. And this was just such an occasion. During my posting on board the Enterprise I was subjected to a constant barrage of so-called locker room talk by my so-called superior male comrades. Captain Kirk makes my skin crawl. He’s always prancing around without a shirt

Once you’ve had green you never go back







talking to Doctor McCoy about the green women he’s slept with. I have to listen to it and bite my tongue. But it can weigh a poor girl down sometimes. That’s why when I met Spock I thought he was different. Those soulful eyes. He treated me with respect. Said it was logical to treat women as equals. After dealing with the boys being boys locker room culture of Star Fleet for so long is it any wonder I fell for the Vulcan?

Nurse Chapel soon took to visiting Spock’s quarters with Vulcan Plomeek soup.

He was going through the Pon Farr and I knew he was probably feeling lonely. We are two lonely souls. I thought we could bond over that. I did some research on what Vulcan’s like to eat so I made him some Plomeek soup and brought it to him. I’m a woman you know and sometimes a man just needs maternal female attention. At first he didn’t like that I brought him the soup but as I was leaving he said that I was beautiful. That’s all I wanted to hear! 

Sexually inappropriate activity







So I kept bringing him Plomeek soup. About 37 times by my reckoning. And we talked. About feelings. We unburdened our souls to each other. Well I did. He mainly talked about how Kirk was always walking around without a shirt and how it made him “illogically uncomfortable.”

But just as Chapel thought a relationship was starting the Pon Farr was over and Spock threw her to the curb.

He told me not to drop by anymore and to stop bringing “that horrible tasting Flomeek soup.” I don’t understand. I thought he loved it when I brought him soup!  How could I have been so wrong about Spock? He’s just like the others. He used me and then tossed me aside when he didn’t need me anymore. Now that I think about it every time I voluntarily brought Plomeek soup to him I felt the power imbalance. I was being used! And this woman will not stand for it! That’s why I’m accusing him of misconduct! Not just for me but for all the women in Star Fleet who may or may not have brought a male officer Plomeek soup when they were vulnerable.

As for Spock he denies any wrongdoing and calls the charges a “simple misunderstanding.”

“Christine Chapel is a dedicated and officious nurse who brought me Plomeek soup during a vulnerable period in my life. I apologize if I have offended her in any way” said the decorated Vulcan.


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