Leakage! Leakage! Leakage!

We got fresh ideas!

I tell you, this week at Manhattan Infidel has had more leaks than an old trash bag (but without the body parts.) And so continuing my brave commitment to the truth, here is part two of the DNC’s Super Top Secret Security Clearance Only Democratic National Committee Manifesto.

II. Democrats vs Non-Democrats

In what relation do the Democrats stand to the non-Democrats as a whole?

The immediate aim of the Democrats is the overthrow of the Republicans wherever they have power and the conquest of political power by the Democrats.

The distinguishing feature of the Democratic party is not the abolition of property generally, but the taxing of property belonging to Republicans and other non-Democrats. In this sense, the theory of the Democratic Party may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property for Republicans and other non-Democrats. All property must serve the Party.

We Democrats have been reproached with the desire of abolishing the right of personally acquiring property as the fruit of a man’s own labor, which property is alleged to be the groundwork of all personal freedom, activity and independence. That property?  You didn’t build that. It takes a village to own property.

Let us now take wage-labor.

The average price of wage-labor is the minimum wage. We propose to hike the minimum wage to 35 dollars an hour. The capitalist business owner will say he cannot afford to pay his employees this. We shall fine him for the good of the economy.  None of us has ever held a private job but this makes perfect sense to us.

You are horrified at our intending to do away with the property of Republicans and other non-Democrats.

In one word, you reproach us with intending to do away with your property. Precisely so; that is just what we intend.

You must, therefore, confess that by “the individual” you mean no other person than the Republicans and other non-Democrats. This person must, indeed, be swept out of the way, and made impossible.

The Democratic Party deprives no man of the power to appropriate the products of society; all that it does is to deprive him of the power to oppose the Democratic Party.

Abolition [Aufhebung] of the binary nuclear family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Democrats.

On what foundation is the present family, the bourgeois family, based? On binary male-female relations. In its completely developed form, this family exists only among the Republicans and other non-Democrats. But this state of things finds its complement in the practical absence of the family among the Democrats. 

The Democrats are further reproached with desiring to abolish countries and nationality.

The Democrats have no country. We cannot take from them what they have not got. We are citizens of the world, do not believe in borders. Indeed, we recognize only the U.N.

The charges against the Democratic Party made from a religious, a philosophical and, generally, from an ideological standpoint, are not deserving of serious examination.

[To be continued]

You know with a compassionate and non-binary platform like this it’s a wonder the Democrats ever lose an election.


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