An Address from Charlotte, North Carolina Mayor Jennifer Roberts

I am a Democrat

I am a Democrat

Not all is bad news for the city of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Stung by race riots Charlotte mayor Jennifer Roberts (pictured above) addressed her city, and by extension the country and the world, with a historic and compassionate speech that showed the best qualities of America.

My fellow citizens of Charlotte:

The past couple days have been rough for our beloved city. An unspeakable act of police brutality against a presumed anarmed black man has thrown our city into turmoil.

Once again, we as a nation have to confront the original American sin of racism and slavery.

Yes, I said slavery. Even though slavery ended 150 years ago, thanks to the efforts Democrats such as Abraham Lincoln, could it not be said that blacks still suffer from the effects of that horrible institution?

How are blacks still being affected by slavery you ask?  Simple. As long as we as white people, as long as we as a nation, refuse to see blacks for what they are, protected Democratic voters, there will continue to be violence against them.

We as a nation must do more for blacks.

I am a Democrat. I am proud to be a Democrat. Only the Democratic party cares about African Americans. 

Only the Democratic party regularly gives blacks money. Only the Democratic party supports abortion rights. Many black women live in poverty. Why should they be burdened with black children. That’s why our party has always fought to expand female reproductive freedom so black women can commit an act of love by aborting their children in record numbers.

Why should black men get jobs? Why should they give up their natural talents of basketball and rapping for a middle class existence working for a no doubt racist white supervisor?

Only the Democratic party supports the welfare state.

Why are black fathers needed? It takes a village to raise a child.  Only the Democratic party fights for policies that ensure that the patriarchy will be made obsolete.

We recognize that the eyes of the world on are on Charlotte. That is why I want to thank the protesters who have come from outside the city. In fact my police commanders tell me that a majority of the protesters are from other parts of the country. We thank them for coming here and showing concern. 

Peaceful protesters from all over have come to Charlotte to express their concern

Peaceful protesters from all over have come to Charlotte to express their concern

Lastly I’d like to address the business owners of Charlotte.

Many of you have written to me and expressed your concerns over property damage to your businesses. Some have been looted.

Is profit the only thing you are concerned with right now? Frankly I am ashamed at the attitude of the business owners of our city. Instead of worrying about feathering your own nest with profits in this time you should be helping the black man by lowering your prices or giving your goods away for free. Redistributing them as we Democrats like to say.

To ensure that this will happen and to heal the wounds of Charlotte I am confiscating all business property. Henceforth they will be run by the city of Charlotte for the citizens of Charlotte.

Socialism today!  Socialism tomorrow!  Socialism forever!

Thank you.

This speech will go down as one of the greatest in United States history!


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