Khan Captured After Setting Off Bomb in Chelsea Neighborhood of Manhattan!

This man set off a bomb in New York City

This man set off a bomb in New York City

Khan Noonien Singh, fugitive from Earth’s eugenics war of the 1990s has been captured after setting off a bomb in Manhattan that injured 29 people.

“It’s been a tense couple of days” said New York City mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr. (stage name Bill de Blasio).

But we got him. Never again will New York City fear fugitives from the eugenics wars of the 1990s. My only hope is that we can place him and his followers in suspended animation aboard some sort of space ship where he will be found centuries later. Let the future deal with him. It’s not our problem.

Khan was one of the original breed of genetically engineered superhumans of the 1990s, bred to be free of the mental and physical limitations of humans. During the height of his power he reigned over a quarter of the Earth.

“He was the perfect Democrat” said interim DNC chair Donna Brazile.

Morally and intellectually superior. A perfect physical specimen. A new breed of Democrat. He could have been the benevolent ruler mankind wants. But racist Republicans prevented him from establishing the perfect socialist paradise on Earth.

As for Khan’s motives for placing the two bombs in Manhattan (a second pressure cooker type bomb was discovered before it could explode) many in the media speculate that Khan did it to protest Donald Trump’s rise in the polls.

“That can be the only explanation” said MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell.

New York City is a tolerant place to live. Perhaps too tolerant. We even have a few people in the city who are voting for Trump. Disgusting right-wing parasites. Perhaps, and this is just speculation on my part, perhaps he planted the bombs to show New Yorkers that eternal vigilance is the price we must pay for socialism.

Still others believe that Khan planted the bombs to weed out the physically and mentally inferior.

“Anyone who pays Manhattan’s rents has to be stupid” declared an editorial in the New York Times.

Stupid. Inferior. They would be a hindrance in the new world order. Khan, being superior, knew this. He was doing us a favor by bombing us. Unfortunately no inferior lives were lost.

Actual footage of Khan being captured during a shootout in New Jersey has been released. I now share this sensitive footage with my readers:


Correction Correction Correction Correction Correction Correction Correction


I have just been informed that it was not Khan Noonien Singh who was captured after setting off the bombs but Ahmad Khan Rahani (pictured here),

Sigh. Not a white supremacist.

Sigh. Not a white supremacist.

a naturalized American citizen and Muslim.

I apologize for this error.  But you have to look at it from my perspective. As a member of the MSM having a Muslim responsible did not fit the narrative.

I can only hope it was a Republican plot started by alt-right white supremacists.


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