Obama Pleads for Privacy During his Vacation

President Obama before meeting with GodPresident Obama today started his summer vacation in Martha’s Vineyard by holding a press conference where he pleaded with the press to respect his family’s privacy.

“I don’t want you people in the press to get any ideas.  I’m just a typical American having a typical vacation.  It’s summer time and like all Americans I am taking a few weeks off in Martha’s Vineyard.  That’s it.  Just a typical vacation doing what all Americans do.  Why this morning when my family and 200 servants got on board Air Force One I said to myself ‘I’m just having a summer vacation that’s all.  Like all Americans do.’ ”

“When we flew over Manhattan I asked the pilot to fly much lower and slower over the Island so that I,  a proud father, could point out to my daughters famous New York City landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero.  Isn’t this a great country when a citizen on vacation can request the pilot of the airplane he is on to fly lower and he does it?   The people on the ground seemed to be happy to see the plane as they were all screaming and running – probably to their respective congressman’s office to voice their support for my policies.”

As his staff handing out the President’s itinerary Obama continued to stress the nonpartisan nature of his vacation.

“As you can see by my schedule there is nothing the least bit pubic or political about it.  I’ll just be doing the normal things that typical normal Americans do when they go to Martha’s Vineyard like having lunch with Ted Kennedy where we will discuss the dire situation of health care in America.  I also plan to spend a few mornings working in a soup kitchen with my wife where I will talk about unemployment and homelessness and how we must punish the fat cats making over $200,000 a year.  I will also be having dinner with my good friend and supporter of universal health care James Taylor.  You see, all things that most Americans do on their vacation.”

“So you see I just plan to chill out and relax at my $35,000 a week vacation home like all Americans do.  So I ask the press, especially Rush Limbaugh, to respect my wishes and leave me alone.”

As the press conference ended President Obama, his wife and children and several Secret Service agents piled into an armor-plated SUV.  The President waved goodbye to the press and said “You see, just another typical American on a typical holiday.”



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