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Murder in Bedrock (Part VII): A Stunning Verdict

The trial of the century involving Bedrock citizen Fred Flintstone reached a stunning conclusion today.  After less than four hours of deliberation the jury found Flintstone not guilty of the murders of Barney and Betty Rubble and the attempted murder of ex-wife Wilma Flintstone. The six-month trial, which polarized Bedrock along racial lines ended as […]

Murder In Bedrock (Part VI): Strange Evidence Introduced

With the double murder trial of Bedrock resident Fred Flintstone now dragging on into its 3rd month tempers flared, lawyers were held in contempt and surprising new evidence was introduced. The week started off with the judge and the prosecution getting into a shouting match that led to a contempt citation.  When the prosecution tried […]

Murder in Bedrock (Part V): The Trial Begins

Amid tight security and unprecedented press coverage, the murder trial of former Slate Rock and Gravel employee and Bedrock citizen Fred Flintstone has begun. From his jail cell Flintstone was awakened at 6 AM.  After a shave and a shower and a quick meeting with his lawyers Flintstone was driven the 2 miles to the […]

Murder in Bedrock (Part IV): With Trial Weeks Away, Jury Selection Drags On

With the trial of Fred Flintstone set to begin in a couple weeks, lawyers for both sides are frustrated by the inability to find 12 impartial jurors to decide  his fate. “Everybody has an opinion about Flintstone’s guilt.  It would be crazy to pretend otherwise” says the District Attorney. “The first day we had 500 […]

Murder in Bedrock (Part III): Was Race a Factor?

With the Fred Flintstone murder trial weeks away, the City of Bedrock is bitterly divided.  What was once a simple murder trial has become a mirror into the attitudes of Bedrockians.  And, it seems, there are two Bedrocks:  One cro-magnon and one neanderthal. Fred Flintstone is a neanderthal, born of a neanderthal family that had […]

Murder in Bedrock (Part II): Flintstone Defense Team Plots Strategy

As their client sits in jail, Fred Flintstone’s defense lawyers held a late night strategy session.  How were they to defend him?  After all witnesses saw him holding the murder weapon as he broke down the Rubble front door.  Witnesses heard the shots and saw Betty Rubble run out of the house and collapse in […]

Murder in Bedrock (Part 1)

Barney Rubble was murdered last night in his home in Bedrock.  Police immediately arrested former neighbor Fred Flintstone.  Witnesses heard shots and screams shortly after 1 AM.  Rubble’s wife Betty ran outside screaming “Fred’s shooting us” before collapsing in the driveway, blood gushing from her bullet wounds.  Police arrived within minutes and cordoned off the […]

Fred, Wilma Flintstone to Divorce

The tiny community of Bedrock was shocked today by the news that Fred Flintstone of Slate Rock and Gravel Company and his wife, the former Wilma Slaghoople have filed concurrent motions for divorce. Sources close to the couple say that there had been tension in the marriage for awhile now. “Fred was a regular Joe, […]