Millionaires Suffering from Concussions Kneel During National Anthem!

I’m outraged! But not outraged enough to go back to the neighborhood I grew up in!









Outraged by the treatment of minorities in America many NFL players made their voices heard by kneeling during the National Anthem on Sunday.

“I’m outraged! Simply outraged” said one NFL player when asked why he took part in the protests.

I’m so outraged I don’t know what I’m outraged about. But I feel I should be outraged. I didn’t sign a five year 100 million dollar contract with a bad team when I could have signed with a winning team for 80 million just so the President can question my integrity. I’m outraged. I will not stand for our racist anthem. It’s a symbol of racism, written by a racist slave holding white man. I don’t care if he never owned slaves. All white people past, present and future are guilty of racism and slavery.

Another NFL player said he had to kneel as a matter of social justice.

Trump just can’t criticize us. I believe in free speech but when it comes from Republicans it’s hate speech. And the Constitution does not allow hate speech. That’s why I’m kneeling. Because every day black men are shot dead by white cops. And this is bad. I am so outraged that black men die like this. Very outraged. Granted not outraged enough to go back to the neighborhood I grew up in. The brothers got guns and it’s just not safe. I’m outraged not stupid.

A third player admitted he did not know much about the protests.

I have what the doctor says is a concussion. It’s my 26th this year. Basically my head rapidly moved forward and my cerebrospinal fluid wasn’t enough to absorb the impact. I’m pretty confused most of the time and the doctors won’t let me play football for the rest of the year. But I do know two things for certain: This protest is justified whatever it is and I no longer control my bowel movements. Doc says that might be related to the concussion but even if it’s not it’s pretty disgusting.

But the most typical reaction came from one player with the Baltimore Ravens who did not want his name used as his comments may violate  his parole.

As an NFL player some might say I live a privileged existence. But if you take away the cars, the houses, the bling and the bitches I’m just another black man who is afraid of being shot by racist white people in racist America. And that outrages me. I’m so outraged I might even forget to beat my wife tonight. Though I might be able to punch her in an elevator if I get the chance. Not technically a full-blown ass beating but it would make me feel less sad about racism in America.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is confident that the protests will not harm the popularity of the NFL.

“What are the fans going to do? Not watch? Come on. It’s either watch us or spend Sunday afternoon talking to their wives. You see they really have no choice.”



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