Odo, Head of Security on Deep Space 9 Accidentally Drank By Jake Sisko!

Please do not drink the water!

Please do not drink the water!

Odo the changeling in charge of security onboard the space station Deep Space 9 in the Milky Way galaxy has been drunk by Jake Sisko the annoying son of the station’s commander.

“Odo is a valued member of this space station. But very private” said Commander Benjamin Sisko.

As such not many people know that he has to return to a natural liquid state every 12 hours or so. I know. The doctor knows. Major Kiera knows. But only because Odo is in love with her and wanted to come clean with her. Like I said he’s very private. He was slightly embarrassed at having to change into a liquid every 12 hours and naturally didn’t want anyone to witness it. That’s why he had a bucket in his quarters. And a sign on his door that said “Do not drink the water” because you know, he was afraid of being drank. In retrospect I wish he had told more people.

The trouble for Odo began when Jake Sisko, pictured here,

What the hell am I wearing?

What the hell am I wearing?

entered Odo’s quarters to talk to him.

My son is always seeking advice from Odo. He respects him. Most importantly he respects Odo’s fashion sense. I remember Jake asking me on a couple occasions, “Dad, what the hell am I wearing? This outfit is just downright ugly. No wonder I don’t have any luck with the ladies.You’d think I was Geordi La Forge or something.” So I assume he went to Odo’s quarters to talk to him. You know, things a boy wouldn’t be comfortable talking to his father about. I wish I had told him about the bucket.

Unaware of Odo’s need to return to a liquid state, young Jake Sisko entered Odo’s quarters.

As Odo was not home Sisko sat down on the couch to wait for him. As the time passed and there was no sign of Odo he became thirsty and noticed Odo’s regeneration bucket

Don't drink me!

Don’t drink me!

on the dinette, setting the stage for the eventual tragedy.

Thirsty from playing baseball in the holodeck with his father, Sisko drank the bucket.

It wasn’t until Odo failed to report for his shift that a security team was sent to his quarters where the empty bucket that previously contained Odo’s liquid state was found.

“I ordered a search” said Commander Sisko.

I have a stupid son.

I have a stupid son.

I was afraid that an enemy of the Federation had stolen Odo when he was liquid. While the search was going on  I asked my son if he noticed a bucket filled with liquid in Odo’s quarters. That’s when he said “Yeah, dad. I drank it. I was thirsty.” So I grounded him. The kid’s done some stupid things but drinking a crew member? That may be how the Cardassians roll by it’s not how I run this station.

In the meantime Sisko has lined his quarters with newspapers.

“When Odo changes back to solid form and bursts out of my son it’s going to be messy and I don’t want to deal with the cleanup. I should have told my stupid son about the bucket.”


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  1. Colleen says:

    They can probably use the bucket for the mop water they’re going to need to clean up that mess. It’s the circle of life.

    • Manhattan Infidel says:

      Speaking of the circle of life I hope Jake’s bladder releases Odo before he converts back to solid form.

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