Green Women Form Support Group; Star Fleet Officers Target of Their Wrath!

I am green women hear me roar!

I am green women hear me roar!

Throughout the Alpha quadrant, green woman have bonded together into support groups. The object?  Share their experiences at the hands of Star Fleet officers.

“We are tired of how Star Fleet officers use us and then toss us away” said one green woman attending a support session.

Yes I am green. And no man can resist a green woman but that doesn’t mean I am here for your objectification. I’m serious. Every time I meet someone from the Federation it starts out well. They buy me flowers. Handbags. Shoes. But eventually they all want the same thing: To get inside my green pussy. I have feelings. I’m not just here for a hookup. I want to find a life partner!

Still another green woman spoke of the lack of boundaries.

I’m a dancer. I don’t apologize for using my body. A girl’s got to do what a girls’ got to do.

You can look but you better not touch!

You can look but you better not touch!

I do a lot of private parties for Star Fleet officers on shore leave. They are good tippers. But they insist on touching as well as looking. I can understand it. I’m a green woman after all. They all want me. Even Wesley Crusher was getting turned on. Though his pubes haven’t dropped yet so he wasn’t able to do anything. So yeah, but come on. I’m a professional dancer not an escort. Keep your grubby Star Fleet hands off my body!

So concerned has Star Fleet become by the so-called “Objectifying Star Fleet gaze

The objectifying Star Fleet gaze has become a problem

The objectifying Star Fleet gaze has become a problem

that a Prime Directive has been sent out to all officers warning them that contact with green women has been officially banned for centuries.

Star Fleet Order No. 297A

Re:  Green Women

Pursuant to previous memos and reinforcing official Fleet policy all officers are reminded that as ambassadors of the Federation they shall not objectify or otherwise sexualize the local inhabitants, including but not limited to Romulans, Vulcans, Klingons, Aldebaran shellmouths and of course green women. Your first mission in remote regions is to spread the values of the Federation. Nor does “to seek out new life” mean coitus as is widely believed. We ask all officers to adhere to this policy. Violators will be fined and/or demoted in rank.

The order has for the most part met with little resistance.

“Screw it. I’ll just use the holodeck for my green girl action” commented Commander Riker of the Enterprise D.

Not everyone however wishes to stay away from green women.

I just want to do it with a green girl!!!!

I just want to do it with a green girl!!!!

“I just want to do something with a green girl!  Why oh why don’t my pubes descend? Come on pubes. Do your thing!” acting ensign Wesley Crusher was heard to cry.


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