Trial of Frankenstein Starts!

The District Attorney is confident of obtaining a conviction

The District Attorney is confident of obtaining a conviction

The sensational trial of the Frankenstein monster, charged with drowning a little girl is set to start this Monday.

“This is a slam dunk” said the District Attorney.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone is innocent until proven guilty but this guy is guilty as sin.  Just look at his face. It’s the face of a murderer.  The state intends to prove that the Frankenstein monster did with malice and aforethought did kill Little Maria by throwing her into the lake.  

Frankenstein’s court-appointed attorney however, argues a different story.

My client is innocent of everything. We intend to prove that he had no bad intent when he threw Little Maria into the lake.  My client has the mental capacity of a five-year old or a member of congress.  He couldn’t have been aware of the consequences of his actions.  My client feels nothing but remorse and tried to save her but she went under the water so quickly he never had the chance.  After that he panicked and ran away.  His actions are understandable.  Indeed we intend to prove that this entire tragic incident was nothing but a set up.  The father of Little Maria just happened to leave her alone.  She just happened to be playing by the lake.  My client is the creation of the prominent and well-off Dr. Frankenstein.  Clearly they were trying to entrap my client and take his money. Little Maria’s father is well-known in town as a scam artist. I believe this was just their latest scam.  Hell, you expect the jury to believe that they just happened to have the entire incident on film thanks to the father’s conveniently placed security camera.  Just a coincidence I’m sure.

The tape in question does seem to support the defense.  As is seen on the video the Frankenstein monster appears to be playing with Little Maria and threw her into the lake as part of that game.  When she drowned he ran away, confused and in a state of panic:

Security footage of the incident in question

However despite the damaging tape the District Attorney maintains that a verdict of guilty is the only reasonable one that can be returned.

Just look at him.  He’s dangerous looking.  The haircut is a giveaway to his dark character.  He looks like he should be in the Beatles and we know all about their sordid characters and drug use.  They say he has the mental capacity of a child. Perhaps.  But with the strength of a heavily steroided up NFL player.  I wouldn’t trust him around children.  And why didn’t he try to save her?  He didn’t throw her that far into the lake.  Perhaps a couple feet at most.  He could have broken a branch off a tree and held it out to her so she could grab onto it.  But no.  He ran away like the dangerous, pathological killer that he is.  He will be found guilty and we intend to seek the death penalty.

Because of the interest in the trial security will be tightened around the courthouse and no one will be allowed in without first going through metal detectors.


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