Rodeo Clown Guilty of Lèse-majesté!

Once again the "man" rears his ugly head

Once again the “man” rears his ugly head

A rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair shocked the civilized world when he donned a mask of the ruler of America, Barack Obama.

Like most Americans, we here at the worldwide headquarters of Manhattan Infidel were shocked and distressed that in this day and age such blatant displays of racism and disrespect for our President are tolerated.

We owe deference and respect for our rulers.  To mock or poke fun at President Obama is an offense against the dignithy of the state.

We applaud the Missouri State Fair for banning this racist rodeo clown for life.

We also support the Missouri State Fair for requiring sensitivity training for all rodeo clowns who wish to work for the Fair in the future.

The State is benevolent.  President Obama is the State.

To question, to mock, to insult that benevolence should be punishable by more than loss of livelihood.

That’s why we at Manhattan Infidel support the revival of Lèse-majesté laws throughout our land.

The so-called right to free speech is not absolute.  There should be restrictions placed upon it.

Americans are frequently derided as “stupid” and “savage” by our European cousins.  Displays like the one in Missouri by the contemptible clown do nothing to change Europe’s opinion.

For the state to survive, for the state to thrive, for the state to grow ever stronger its leaders must be beyond reproach.

One way to do this would be to pray for and to Barack Obama.

Barack Obama has been placed on this Earth by a benevolent God to be our ruler. It is his Divine Right.

We here at Manhattan Infidel propose that the pledge of allegiance in schools be replaced by the following prayer to Barack Obama:

Hail Barack Obama

Full of socialism

The State is with Thee

Blessed art thou among all divinely appointed rulers

Blessed is your consort Michelle Obama and the fruit of your loins, Malia Ann and Sasha

Holy Barack father of us all

Pray for us sinners

That we may show you the reverence you deserve

Now and at the hour of our appearance before an Obamacare death panel


We at Manhattan Infidel feel that this simple prayer if recited several times a day will do much to increase reverence for our rulers.

There is no place for dissent.

Dissent is not patriotic.

Dissent is racist.



5 Responses

  1. We at Manhattan Infidel? We? Who do you have locked up and chained in your rat hole? Do you really think thee authorities won’t know where to look for Olivia Wilde?

    This post, my friend, will be a Manhattan Infidel Classic!

  2. innominatus says:

    OK, I was diggin’ on this post, especially your Hail Barry there at the end. But that made me think of Halle Berry. Which made of think of Dave Justice. And I effin’ HATE the Braves so now my day is ruined.

    • Manhattan Infidel says:

      Inn: Why hate the Braves? Just because they will be representing the NL in the world series this year……

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