From Ye Olde New Yorke Times: Racist Americans Drop Nuclear Bomb on Peoples of Color

This bomb even looks racist!

This bomb even looks racist!

Dateline August 7th, 1945.  Ye Olde New Yorke Times

We here at Ye Olde New Yorke Times have just received word that our government, in our name, has dropped a new explosive device on the defenseless Japanese City of Hiroshima.

How long must this war of aggression continue?  The Japanese are no threat to us.  By waging our illegal air war over Japan we have decimated their industry and killed hundreds of thousands.

We at the editorial board of Ye Olde New Yorke Times strenuously object to the escalation of this illegal, immoral and unconstitutional war.

It is bad enough that the administration, in continuing the policies of its predecessor has brought the socialist republic of Germany to its knees. An enlightened socialist republic that, we remind our readers, was the first country to institute meaningful gun control.

But now our current administration seeks to bomb a peoples of color out of existence.

Did President Truman seek congressional authorization before dropping this awful bomb on Japan?  And why was the bomb used on Japan and not Germany?  Could it be the institutional racism of America?

We remind our readers that this war was brought about because of the policies of the Roosevelt administration.

It was Roosevelt that embargoed the sale of oil to this tiny island nation.

It was Roosevelt that created the facade of “peace negotiations” in the fall of 1941, all the while increasing our military might for a future war.

It was Roosevelt that sought to put a limit on the right of an indigenous peoples to expand their wealth and influence.

All these policies have been continued by the current administration.

We have heard that our military has more of these so-called “atomic” bombs and will continue to use them on Japan.

We here at Ye Olde New Yorke Times ask why were the American people kept in the dark about this immoral bomb-making program?

The complete and unconditional surrender of Japan?  Is that what America wants? Is this how America wants to be known throughout the world?  As an aggressor?  A war-like nation with no pity?

We again ask President Truman to seek peace negotiations with Japan.

Any future deaths will be on President Truman’s conscience.

This war has to end now.

And once it is over we ask President Truman to consider comprehensive immigration reform.

The Editorial Board of Ye Olde New Yorke Times

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  1. Isn’t it nice that some things never change? Governments and media have always and will always suck!

    • Manhattan Infidel says:

      Jim: Are you showing disrespect to ye olde new yorke times? How dare you! Your progressive credentials are revoked.

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